The Freedom Struggle Is A Labor Struggle, Then And Now

By Robin D. G. Kelley, Black Agenda Report. -

As we think, again, about the role of organized labor in the long Black freedom struggle, it is worth noting that in India at this very moment 250 million farmers, workers, students and allies [...]

An Apology For A Massacre

By Signe Waller Foxworth and Nelson N. Johnson, Tikkun. -

Greensborough, NC - Public accountability for their actions often awaits evildoers who hurt people. For many who spilled onto the streets in a mood of relief, jubilation and celebration at the [...]

To Catch The Heartbeat Of Those Below

By Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

‘It was the worst when I was released. That’s the biggest prison I had to face’. Martin Aleida recalls the moment he was released from prison at the end of 1966. The then twenty-two-year-old [...]

Combat Vet, West Point Grad Forced To Resign For Supporting Economic & Racial Justice

By Spenser Rapone, -

I am a combat veteran with the First Ranger Battalion, a recent graduate of West Point and a former second lieutenant who was stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y. Since identifying myself as a socialist, [...]

Civil Rights Unionism

By Robert Korstad, -

By any measure, black tobacco workers in 1940s Winston-Salem, North Carolina were down at the bottom of the social hierarchy. They endured severe voting restrictions and segregated accommodations [...]

Views From A Changing Cuba As Raúl Castro Steps Down

By Nat Winthrop, Toward Freedom. -

As Cuban President Raúl Castro stepped down from office today, Cuba is expected to enter a period of dramatic change. Eager to witness the final days of the nearly six decades of Castro rule in [...]

Thirty-Five Years Of Comintern Publishing: A Balancesheet

By John Riddell, -

I objected that I had no background in academic research and publishing. Waters and Sheppard countered that given my grasp of history in that period, my knowledge of the three main translation [...]

Political Analysis Of South Africa By The SA Communist Party

By Staff, -

By Staff of SACP - We, 1, 819 Communist militants, have met over the past five days as delegates to the SACP's 14th National Congress in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. We are drawn from over 7, 000 SACP [...]

The Rebel Girl

By Mary Anne Trasciatti, -

By Mary Anne Trasciatti for Jacobin - In 1976, Life magazine marked the US bicentennial with a special report on “Remarkable American Women.” I was thirteen years old at the time and I remember [...]

Mapping American Social Movements Through 20th Century

By James Gregory, -

By James Gregory forUniversity of Washington - This collaborative project features maps and other visualizations showing the chronological geography of dozens of social movements that have [...]

Roots And Contours Of Worker Rebellion In A Changing China

By Herman Rosenfeld, -

By Herman Rosenfeld for The Socialist Project - It is impossible to ignore the large and growing wave of worker strikes and protests now rocking China. Just last year there were over 2700 [...]

Former Czech Dissident: Freer Under Communism Than Capitalism

By Andre Vltchek, -

Before the so-called ‘Velvet Revolution’, people complained about not having access to certain types of information, or certain cultural products, including certain films. They were not allowed [...]

The Economic Choice Beyond Capitalism And Communism

By Grassroots Economic Organizing, -

Below is an interview with Robin Hahnel about the Participatory Economics movement or "Parecon." Parecon is a theoretical economic system based on participatory decision making as the primary [...]

How Do We Get Past Capitalism?

By Robert Jensen, -

The main argument of the book is that capitalism is constituted by a varied of different practices, and so challenging capitalism needs to be about a variety of struggles. I draw on the important [...]

This Communist Utopia Successfully Eliminated Capitalism

By Dan Hancox, -

The first part of Marinaleda’s miracle is that when their struggle to create utopia began, in the late 1970s, it was from a position of abject poverty. The village was suffering over 60 percent [...]