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Community activism

Activists Launch Own Investigation Of Mud Spill Near Gas Pipeline

On February 15, Pennsylvania’s environmental regulator received an anonymous complaint that a mysterious white material was covering the bottom of a creek in Chester County — a tributary of nearby Marsh Creek Lake located about a thousand feet from the underground Mariner East pipeline. A day later, an inspector from the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed that the clay-like material was flowing from a nearby sinkhole into the stream and nearby wetlands.

How To Start A Mutual Aid Network

Until February 2024, Canada did not have a pharmacare program. Even then, proposals for a universal pharmacare program were remarkably vague in political parties, media reports, and campaigning groups. Earlier federal interest in a universal drug program seemed to be fading, ostensibly on cost grounds. Just in time, the Trudeau government announced a rather weak and diluted pharmacare proposal a few days before the March 1, 2024 deadline to save the supply-and-confidence agreement between the Liberals and New Democrats, averting a possible election neither party wanted.

Call For Communities To Unite And Oppose Racist Attacks On Migrants

Throughout the history of Chicago, Black & Brown unity has been at the core of every democratic advancement made by working and oppressed people. Going back to the Black & Brown coalition led by Harold Washington and Rudy Lozano that got Harold Washington elected mayor, to more recent times, when Black/Latino unity won the most democratic police accountability ordinance in ECPS, and later, in getting a progressive mayor from the movement in Brandon Johnson elected. What’s clear from this history is that the movement is an unstoppable force when Black and Brown Chicagoans come together. And that fact hasn’t gone unnoticed. In the last few years, the right wing across the country has seen our gains and has intensified its attacks on us, leaning on every manner and method to try and undermine and divide us – and at such a critical time in our city’s history.
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