First International Congress Of Communes, Social Movements And Popular Power

By Orinoco Tribune. -

Venezuela - “The communal councils serve more than 6 million 407 thousand 651 families representing more than 80% of the families of Venezuela that participate in urban, rural or indigenous [...]

Toledo Passed A “Lake Erie Bill of Rights” To Protect Its Water

By Mari Margil and Ryan Dickinson, In These Times. -

For three days in 2014, the people of Toledo, Ohio, couldn’t drink the water. A massive blue-green algae bloom producing a toxin known as microcystin was poisoning Lake Erie, the city's primary [...]

U.S. Court Of Appeals Says Local Governments Can Prohibit GE Crops

By Staff, -

By Staff for Center for Food Safety. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued its decisions on whether federal and Hawai‘i state laws preempt Hawai‘i counties’ authority to [...]

Colorado Initiative Makes It Nearly Impossible To Ban Fracking

By John Light, -

By John Light for Bill Moyers Journal. The Colorado oil and gas industry is poised to strike a devastating blow against anti-fracking activists Tuesday. Enactment of Amendment 71, a statewide [...]

Fracking Fight Heats Up In Ohio

By Tish O'Dell, -

By Tish O'Dell in Alternet. Columbus, OH - With the oil and gas industry already reveling in a recent Ohio Supreme Court decision stripping local control on fracking and other extraction [...]