Building Communities For A Fascist-Free Future

By Shane Burley, ROAR Magazine. -

On August 17, 2019, a coalition of antifascist and progressive groups in Portland, Oregon organized a rally to protest a Proud Boy event planned in the city. The rally had a carnivalesque [...]

Unions Are Not Only Good For Workers

By Asha Banerjee, Economic Policy Institute. -

We know that unions promote economic equality and build worker power, helping workers to win increases in pay, better benefits, and safer working conditions. But that’s not all unions do. [...]

Falling In Love With Your Community

By Massiel Luna Delgado, Tortilla con Sal. -

Today's world is complex and messed up. All the suffering among the great majorities for many people is just one more number while an increasing number of human beings are or feel isolated, [...]

When Will Minneapolis Start Listening To The Whole Community?

By Eric Ortiz, Medium. -

Minneapolis didn’t get here alone. The actions and decisions of many people created the challenges facing the city. Solving them will require the work of many people, too. But before anything [...]

Brothers EMpowered Is Building That Village We All Need to Thrive

By Eric Ortiz, Popular Resistance. -

Charles Caine has a dream. Just like Martin Luther King understood civil rights include economic rights, Caine wants to give all people an opportunity to prosper. That mission starts with his two [...]

In Community We Trust

By the Schumacher Center for a New Economics. -

Frank Tortoriello was the owner of a popular deli on Main Street in Great Barrington. He turned to SHARE when he lost his lease and the bank refused him a loan to renovate his new location. But [...]

Mutual Aid: ‘When The System Fails, The People Show Up’

By Eleanor Goldfield, ROAR Magazine. -

The badges are both for security and for building relationships. We want our community corner stores to know us as those who are looking out for the people. And we want the people to know who we [...]

Challenging The Oil Industry Through Community Action

By Wangũi wa Kamonji, Open Global Rights. -

The Hoima-Kaiso-Tonya highway connects the Ugandan fishing town of Kaiso to Hoima town, the headquarters of the Bunyoro Kingdom and Hoima District. Kaiso is on the south-eastern edge of Lake [...]

Twelve Reasons The Glass Is 1% Full

By Michael Shuman. -

The damage COVID-19 is wreaking—in terms of deaths, sickness, business closures, unemployment, and misery—is incalculable. But this crisis is changing the world in subtle ways that may ultimately [...]

Reclaim The Block Urges Invest In Community, Not In Police

By Isabella Garcia, -

In dramatic effect, a Minneapolis resident dumps a bag of money onto a podium during public comments at the final City Council meeting on the 2020 budget last month. The person with them, who [...]

Forget Billionaires: Let’s Build Our Own System To Fund The Transformation Of Society

By Michael Edwards, -

“Gone to the Dogs,” Paul Higgins’ canine-friendly café in Carlisle, may seem an unlikely place to look for inspiration in transforming the ways we think about funding for social change. But [...]

Amazing Things Happened When 206 Ugly Vacant Lots In Philly Were Landscaped

By Melissa Breyer, -

Almost one in five American adults report some form of mental illness; more than 16 million adults experience depression alone every year. Yet patient mental health services only account for an [...]

Chicago-Based Assata’s Daughters Announces Food Justice Through Gardening Project

By Imani Jackson, -

Assata’s Daughters is a Chicago-based collective that embraces a Black radical perspective to serve their Washington Park community. One of their newest programs is a food justice-oriented [...]

Pennsylvania Community Finds Its Bearings In Trump Era

By Jon Jeter, -

TITUSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — Shoehorned between the state line and the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania’s northwest corner, the city of Titusville is as red as America gets, a place where virtually [...]

Lifting Up Community Voices To Tackle Injustice

By Jean Trounstine, -

Lillie A. Estes calls herself a "community strategist." Others see her as a force of nature. She has lived in Richmond, Virginia, for 35 years, where she builds and develops innovative alliances [...]