Chelsea Manning Reportedly On Pres. Obama’s “Short List” For Commutation

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By Staff of Free Chelsea - Chelsea Manning’s attorney at the ACLU, Chase Strangio, said: “The Obama administration has done many commendable things to protect the rights of LGBTQ people, but in [...]

Chelsea Manning Makes Appeal For Release Before Trump Takes Office

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By Ed Pilkington for The Guardian - Former US soldier serving 35 years in prison for leaking state secrets asks Barack Obama to commute her sentence to time served. Chelsea Manning has made a [...]

President Obama Grants 111 Additional Commutations

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By Breanna Edwards for The Root - On Tuesday, President Barack Obama granted commutations for an additional 111 federal inmates, bringing the total number of grants offered up to 325 in the month [...]

Even Nixon Let Out More Prisoners Than Obama

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By Meagan Day for Timeline. Throughout his tenure, President Obama’s hesitation to use his executive pardon power has left critics scratching their heads. He granted zero clemencies during the [...]