West Point Can’t Hide Its Reverence For The Confederacy

By Spenser Rapone, Truthdig.com -

Charlottesville, Va., triggered a movement. In the wake of a 2017 white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally that left one dead and several injured, activists across the country have worked [...]

Read The Moving Letter The Descendant Of A Racist Confederate Leader Wrote In Support Of Anti-Racist Activists

By Kali Holloway, Independentmediainstitute.org -

Meg Yarnell, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Julian Carr, is calling for academic and criminal charges to be dropped against Maya Little and other anti-racist activists who have been [...]

Lowest Common Denominator Dominates US: Confederacy Racism Permeates

By Frank Palmeri and Ted Wendelin, Historynewsnetwork.org -

The South may have lost the Civil War militarily, but it won politically. For most of United States history, laws and policies that favor the South haveprevailed. Originally, this hegemonywas [...]

DA Drops Charges Against Remaining Confederate Statue Protesters

By Virginia Bridges and Joe Johnson, Heraldsun.com -

District Attorney Roger Echols announced Tuesday afternoon that he is dropping the charges against the five remaining people accused of destroying a Confederate statue in downtown Durham last [...]

DA Drops Charges Against 3 In Confederate Monument Case

By Virginia Bridges and Joe Johnson, www.heraldsun.com -

By Virginia Bridges and Joe Johnson for The Herald Sun. Durham County District Attorney Roger Echols said Thursday he has dropped charges against some of the dozen people charged with toppling a [...]

These Are The Dozens Of Movements Underway To Remove Confederate Monuments

By Will Drabold, www.mic.com -

By Will Drabold for Mic - Less than a week after the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, at least 13 Confederate monuments have been removed from public spaces across the country. From [...]

DC Activists Push National Park Service To Remove Civil War Statue

By John Zangas, www.dcmediagroup.us -

By John Zangas for DC Media Group - Washington, D.C. — Civil rights activists from several groups rallied at the statue of Civil War general Albert Pike Friday afternoon, demanding the U.S. Park [...]

Four Arrested For Toppling Statue, Zero Arrested For Brutal Beating

By Jessica Corbett, www.commondreams.org -

By Jessica Corbett for Common Dreams - Harris and his friends—who helped him escape the violent attack to seek medical attention—were in the area to protest a gathering of white supremacists who [...]

Protesters Pull Down Confederate Statue In Durham

By Derrick Lewis and Amy Cutler, www.wncn.com -

By Derrick Lewis and Amy Cutler for CBS North Carolina - Around 7:10 p.m. a woman using a ladder climbed the statue of a Confederate soldier and attached a rope around the statue. Moments later, [...]

Kentucky Mayor Announces Removal Of Confederate Statues

By Julia Manchester, www.thehill.com -

By Julia Manchester for The Hill. The mayor of Lexington, Ky., is accelerating his plans to remove Confederate statues from key locations in the city due to violence spurred by white nationalists [...]

Confederate Statues Down, But Structural Racism Still Stands Tall

By Ashana Bigard, www.progressive.org -

By Ashana Bigard for The Progressive - Many New Orleanians celebrated at the removal of confederate monuments around the city in recent weeks. But on the same day that Robert E. Lee’s bronzed [...]

Why Taking Down Confederate Memorials Is Only A First Step

By Joshua F.J. Inwood and Derek H. Alderman, www.theconversation.com -

By Joshua F.J. Inwood and Derek H. Alderman for The Conversation - Monuments and other commemorative sites tell at least two stories, according to sociologist James Loewen. The first is the story [...]

Transcript Of New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s Address On Confederate Monuments

By Derek Cosson, www.pulsegulfcoast.com -

By Derek Cosson for The Pulse - Just hours before workers removed a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee — the fourth Confederate monument to be dismantled in New Orleans in recent weeks — [...]

One City Is Following Through On Protests Of Confederate Monuments

By David Swanson, www.davidswanson.org -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - Charlottesville is a diverse, enlightened, and progressive college town in Virginia with its public spaces dominated by war memorials, in particular [...]

New Orleans To Remove Four Major Confederate Monuments

By Elahe Izadi, www.washingtonpost.com -

By Elahe Izadi for The Washington Post - New Orleans officials voted Thursday to remove four prominent monuments to the Confederacy, following months of impassioned debate and similar actions by [...]

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