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Confederate Flag

Newsletter – This Juneteenth, End “US Way Of War”

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. We just returned from the weekend-long United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC) conference in Richmond, VA. This is the fourth UNAC conference since its founding in 2010 to create a vibrant and active anti-war movement in the United States that opposes all wars. The theme this year was stopping the wars at home and abroad in recognition that we can't end one without ending the others, that they have common roots and that it will take a large, broad-based and diverse movement of movements to succeed. Speakers at the conference ranged from people who are fighting for domestic issues - such as a $15/hour minimum wage and an end to racist police brutality and ICE raids - to people who traveled from or represented countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Korea, the Philippines, the Congo, Iran, Syria, Colombia and Venezuela, which are some of the many countries under attack by US imperialism.

An Activist Wants You To Burn Confederate Flag On Memorial Day

By Tom McKay for Policy Mic - Most Americans celebrate Memorial Day with a delicious barbecue. But here's something some are adding to their grill list: the Confederate flag. South Florida activist John Sims is leading an effort to turn Memorial Day into Confederate flag-burning day, reported Think Progress on Sunday. Sims previously organized 13 small flag-burning events across the 13 states of the Confederacy earlier this month, according to IBT, with the justification "the Confederate flag is the N-word on a pole."

Students Vote To Remove Confederate Symbol From Campus

By Dana Liebelson for The Huffington Post - Student leaders at the University of Mississippi voted on Tuesday night to remove the Mississippi state flag, which contains the Confederate battle emblem, from campus. Once the resolution is signed, it will be up to school administrators to act on it. The university in Oxford, Mississippi, has a long record of racial turmoil. In 1962, it was the site of a violent protest to prevent the enrollment of James Meredith, a black military veteran. But Ole Miss students said Tuesday's decision signals an important shift for the school and the state as a whole. "Seeing an institution with such an unpleasant history take steps toward progress can have an immense impact on the decisions of lawmakers," said Tysianna Marino, vice president of the University of Mississippi NAACP, prior to the vote.

Confederate Flag Rally Cancelled; Anti-White Supremacists March

By Staff of Unicorn Riot. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN - In August of 2015, a group by the name of “Minnesota 10,000 for Southern Heritage”, received apermit to rally at the capitol in support of the confederate flag. A facebook event to counter-protest the permitted confederate flag rally, named Unity Against White Supremacy & the Confederate Flag, and organized by the IWW GDC (Industrial Workers of the World | General Defense Committee), drew the RSVP of over 400 people. On the early morning of Saturday, September 5th, 2015, the counter-protest marched to the capitol from a location close to the site of Marcus Golden’s death by the bullets of St. Paul police officers.

Inside A Pro-Confederate Flag Rally

By Alice Ollstein and Emily Atkin in Think Progress. Washington, DC - More than 1,300 people were expected to attend a “Southern Heritage” rally in support of the Confederate flag on Saturday in front of the U.S. Capitol. Fewer than 50 showed up. In the wake of this summer’s horrific murders of nine black churchgoers — committed by a manwho admired the Confederate flag — universities and state governments have faced heated calls to remove the flag from their public spaces. In response, many have taken down the symbols, prompting fierce backlash including pro-flag rallies in Alabama, Georgia, and now Washington, D.C. In interviews with ThinkProgress, members of the small crowd said they wanted the U.S. government to hear their messages: preserve Confederate symbols, and squash the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Neo-Confederacy: Portrait Of Racists

By DocDawg in Daily Kos - There's nothing new about loose talk extolling the virtues of a second secession in America's south. In Texas, of course, such talk is all but an article of the state constitution, and long has been. And in the Deep South - states like Mississippi and Alabama - Confederate flags hanging limp in the withering heat are as much a part of the quotidian scenery as are magnolia blossoms and Moon Pies. But North Carolina is different...or so, at least, many of our sons and daughters would like to think. The last of the states to secede, on May 20th, 1861 (and even then only with great ambivalence), and the first and foremost to raise a sustained, home-grown, and devastating Unionist guerrilla movement behind the lines during the War Between the States (see, for instance, William T. Auman's Civil War in the North Carolina Quaker Belt: The Confederate Campaign Against Peace Agitators, Deserters and Draft Dodgers), North Carolina was then, and is now, on balance more Northern in its sympathies and temperament than even more northerly rebel states such as Virginia.

Protester Climbs Flagpole To Remove Confederate Flag

By Lynette Holloway for the Root, #FreeBree is now trending on Black Twitter and a bail fund has been set up to help Bree Newsome defray the legal costs associated with her arrest for removing the Confederate flag. A woman identified as Bree Newsome was arrested Saturday after climbing the flagpole at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia, S.C., about 6:30 a.m. and removing the Confederate flag, Rashad Robinson, executive director of, said in a statement. Robinson, whose group last week started a petition titled “Take Down The Confederate Flag From The South Carolina Capitol,” which has received more than 55,000 signatures, supported the activist. He identified her as a North Carolina educator. A second person was arrested, but his or her identity is not yet known. “The confederate flag was born out of a government defending the enslavement of Black people and resurrected as an emblem for whites violently opposing racial integration,” Robinson said in the statement.
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