US Ally Uganda Attacks Congo’s Beni Territory

By Ann Garrison and Boniface Musavuli, -

The Congo crisis is now one of the greatest humanitarian emergencies in the world and the most underreported. An average of 5,500 people a day flee violence and insecurity, even more than in [...]

19 Democracy Activists In The Congo Released

By Staff, -

By Staff of News 24 - Kinshasa - Nineteen pro-democracy activists arrested during a protest against the Democratic Republic of Congo's president Joseph Kabila were released on Tuesday, their [...]

Congo Implodes As Africom Expands

By Dan Wright, -

By Dan Wright for Shadow Proof - The Democratic Republic of Congo has been thrown into another political crisis after Congo President Joseph Kabila refused to leave office after his second term [...]

DR Congo President Unlikely To Give Up Power

By Maud Jullien, -

By Maud Jullien for BBC - Political opponents and activists say that everything is in place for President Joseph Kabila to extend his stay in power, thus violating the constitution and [...]

Tech Giants Look Other Way On Rights Abuses From Congo Cobalt Mining

By KiMi Robinson, -

By KiMi Robinson for Truthdig. The Democratic Republic of Congo is paying the price for being the world’s largest producer of raw cobalt, a vital ingredient in lithium-ion batteries for electric [...]

US History of Overthrowing Elected Leaders

One dramatic change in the last 50 years is the consistent opposition of the American public to such interventions. This was perhaps best illustrated in the 1980’s when U.S. solidarity movements [...]