Thousands Protest Tories And Austerity

By Staff, -

By Socialist Worker. Manchester, UK - Thousands of demonstrators are gathering at the Castlefield's Arena in Manchester today, Sunday, to protest against Tory austerity. The Tories are beginning [...]

Climate Scientist Wins Legal Battle In War on Science

By Lauren McCauley, -

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams - Michael Mann will now be able to proceed with defamation case against conservative writers who attempted to smear his work on global warming. Amid fears [...]

Building A New Populism In The Era Of Trump

By Chuck Collins, -

By Chuck Collins for Other Words - Imagine you’re standing in line for the American Dream. You work hard, sometimes in dangerous jobs. You lead a moral life. But the line is stalling, even moving [...]

Protest FAIL: No One Shows For Protest Of Beyoncé

By Walter Einenkel, -

By Walter Einenkel for Daily Kos - Beyoncé riled up the same group that thinks Donald Trump as a leader is a good idea. They formed a protest group. Beyoncé riled up the same group that thinks [...]

Bruce Rauner Is Using A Manufactured Crisis To Bust Unions

By Jennifer Ritter and Jacob Swenson-Lengyel, -

By Jennifer Ritter and Jacob Swenson-Lengyel for In These Times - If you like Scott Walker, you’ll love Bruce Rauner. In February, Rauner issued an executive order blocking public employee unions [...]

San Diego Activists Go All In For Anti-Alec Protests

By Doug Porter, -

By Doug Porter in San Diego Free Press - A wide range of organizations, some of whom rarely get involved in non-electoral politics, are calling upon San Diegans to put on their protesting shoes [...]

Conservative Lobby Group Alec Plans Anti-Environmental Onslaught

By Suzanne Goldenberg, -

The corporate lobbying network American Legislative Exchange Council, commonly known as Alec, is planning a new onslaught on a number of environmental protections next year when Republicans take [...]

Labor Almost Invisible On TV Talk

By FAIR, -

As the Labor Day holiday approaches, ask yourself how often you see unions represented on corporate-owned television. On the highest-profile public affairs shows, the answer is basically [...]

Should Women Apologize for Abortion?

It’s been over 40 years since the Supreme Court decided, in Roe v Wade, that women have a constitutional right to abortion. The legal argument was based around the concept that women had a right [...]