Doubt Is A Treacherous Path

By Jonathan Cook. -

What I think of as the cynical left are once again berating the progressive critical left, myself included, for failing to write what they want written about Covid-19. I take this as a kind of [...]

How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread

By Marshall Allen, ProPublica. -

Stephan Lewandowsky studies the way people think, and in particular, why they engage in conspiracy theories. So when the cognitive scientist from England’s University of Bristol observes wild [...]

‘Plandemic’ Conspiracy Video Has Been Thoroughly Debunked

By Annie Reneau, Upworthy. -

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out a whole slew of interesting human tendencies, including a veritable tsunami of conspiracy theories. Like, holy cow, folks. When did everyone start pulling [...]

Fake News Is Fake Amerika

By Philip A Farruggio, Popular Resistance -

The series of brief reviews of critical moments in recent US history in this article would be described by some as "conspiracy theories," but over the years many have been shown to be conspiracy [...]