U.S. Drinking Water Widely Contaminated With ‘Forever Chemicals’: Environment Watchdog

By Staff, Reuters.com -

WASHINGTON - The contamination of U.S. drinking water with man-made "forever chemicals" is far worse than previously estimated with some of the highest levels found in Miami, Philadelphia and New [...]

Shell To Pay Up For Contaminating Groundwater In California

By Ruth Milka, Nationofchange.org -

Shell Oil Company was ordered this week to pay $63 million in damages for polluting groundwater in the city of Atwater, California. A jury this week found the corporation liable in the four-month [...]

Contaminated Water Tanks In Fukushima Will Be Full In 3 Years

By Naoya Kon, Asahi.com -

By the summer of 2022, storage tanks holding processed water on the grounds of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant will become completely full, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. [...]

Lead-Based Paint Found In Half Of All Inspected Schools

By Marilynne R Wood, Theconversation.com -

With all the emphasis that has been placed on making sure children are safe from the hazards of lead-based paint at home, similar efforts would seem just as important for America’s schools. After [...]

Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater And Sewer System In Maryland

By Pat Elder, Truthout.org -

The U.S. Navy has contaminated the groundwater at Maryland’s Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS) with 1,137.8 parts per trillion (ppt) of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), according [...]

Los Angeles County Sues Monsanto Over Chemical Contamination

By Andrew Emett, Nationofchange.org -

According to the lawsuit, Monsanto had been aware that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were harmful but concealed the data for years while polluting the water. Los Angeles County recently filed [...]

Senate Goes Easy On Pentagon Polluters

By Pat Elder, Civilian Exposure. -

Ms. Maureen Sullivan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment, testified in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on March 28, 2019. The hearing focused [...]

America’s Most Contaminated Military Bases

By Pat Elder, Militarypoisons.org -

I drove across the country with my daughter Holly last week to draw attention to the reckless behavior of the military as it continues to poison the waters in communities across the country. We [...]

The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany

By Pat Elder, Civilianexposure.org -

Germany is experiencing a public health crisis with millions of people potentially exposed to drinking water contaminated with Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl Substances, or PFAS. A major source of [...]

The Tyranny Of Contamination: The US Military Is Poisoning Okinawa.

By Pat Elder, Worldbeyondwar.org -

High concentrations of the deadly compounds Per-fluoro-octane sulfonate (PFOS) and Per-fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA), together known as Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been found in [...]

Indigenous Group Sues Exxon, Energy Majors Over Fracking Waste Contamination in Patagonia

By Lorraine Chow, Readersupportednews.org -

A major indigenous group in the Argentine Patagonia is suing some of world's biggest oil and gas companies over illegal fracking waste dumps that put the "sensitive Patagonian environment," local [...]

An Empire Of Bases Poisons Water, Threatening Its Own Collapse

By Pat Elder, Worldbeyondwar.org -

Per-flouro octane-sulfo-nate or PFOS, and Per-flouro-octa-noic acid or PFOA, are the active ingredients in the foam routinely used to train soldiers to extinguish aircraft fires at U.S. military [...]

Toxic Firefighting Chemicals ‘Most Seminal Public Health Challenge’

By Christopher Knaus, www.theguardian.com -

By Christopher Knaus for The Guardian - A top United States environmental official has described the contamination of drinking water by toxic firefighting chemicals as the most seminal public [...]

DuPont, Chemours Sued For Contaminating Drinking Water

By Sharon Lerner, www.theintercept.com -

By Sharon Lerner for The Intercept - AFTER YEARS of litigation over PFOA, an industrial toxin used to make Teflon and other non-stick and stain-resistant products, in 2009 DuPont introduced GenX. [...]

U.S. Military World’s Largest Polluter – Hundreds Of Bases Gravely Contaminated

By Whitney Webb, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Whitney Webb for Mint Press News - MINNEAPOLIS– Last week, mainstream media outlets gave minimal attention to the news that the U.S. Naval station in Virginia Beach had spilled an estimated [...]

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