One Of America’s Poorest Cities Has A Radical Plan

By Jordan Heller, Huffington Post. -

Cleveland ― The last time Tymika Thomas’ name appeared in newsprint was in connection with an elaborate 2012 robbery in the Cleveland suburb of Wickliffe in which Thomas and two accomplices stole [...]

Can Worker Cooperatives Alleviate Income Inequality?

By Sarah Jaffee, -

When Henry Lezama joined Roca Mia Construction, his new colleagues were still in the process of deciding what kind of business, exactly, it would be. On New York’s Rockaway peninsula after [...]

Owning Is The New Sharing

By Nathan Schneider, -

Dietz is part of a subtle insurgency taking place, one of bylaws, financing schemes, and ownership structures. The details can seem abstruse, but the craving is everywhere. High hopes for a [...]

Denver’s Immigrant Taxi Drivers Build Unionized Workers Co-op

By Minsun Ji, -

This month 800 immigrant taxi drivers in Denver—from 24 different countries in Africa—joined the Communications Workers (CWA) Local 7777. They hope to break out of poverty and challenge the [...]

Worker Owned Cooperative Produces Independent Media

By ImportantCool, -

ImportantCool is a worker-owned journalism collective which will radically change the way the news is gathered, presented, and consumed. We will give readers, not editors, control over [...]

Workers In Maine Buy Out Their Jobs

By Rob Brown, Noemi Giszpenc and Brian Van Slyke, -

On remote Deer Isle, Maine, the movement for a more just and democratic economy won a major victory this summer. More than 60 employees of three retail businesses - Burnt Cove Market, V&S Variety [...]

A Living Laboratory Of Self-Management

By Jordi Blanchar, -

The CSA Can Vies has been an Autonomous Social Centre (hence the acronym CSA) since it was squatted in 1997. It is situated in Sants, a predominantly working class district away from the cleansed [...]

The Modern History of Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution

By Paul Jay, -

There has been social policies that have led to a very, very significant reduction of poverty and to greater degree of equality. Venezuela's not today an particularly equal society, but it's the [...]

Solutions to the Housing Crisis with Michael Carlson and Nancie Koerber

The artificial inflation of the housing market, predatory lending practices and fraudulent behavior by Big Finance which created the collapse of the housing market and epidemic of evictions, [...]