Resisting War Through Education And Local Cooperatives

By Kathy Kelly, Intrepid Report. -

War profiteers deliver hellish realities and futile prospects, but the Afghan Peace Volunteers have not given up on bettering their country. In recent visits to Kabul, we’ve listened as they [...]

Community Land Cooperatives Should Oversee Neighborhood Economic Development

By Brandy Brooks and Joel Rothschild, -

This nonprofit is organizing a real estate investment cooperative for the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, with the exclusive purpose of incubating, funding, and assisting “community [...]

Food, Coops, Capitalism

By Eric Holt-Giménez, -

Last week, I travelled to Portland, Oregon to give a keynote presentation to the Consumer Coop Management Association—CCMA. My first experience with cooperatives had been in 1983 when I worked as [...]

Food Co-ops Make A Difference

By Staff, -

Food co-ops were formed by people in your community who wanted access to healthy, delicious food with reduced environmental impact and less waste, and co-ops remain community-owned and operated [...]

Cooperatives Lauded As ‘Trailblazers’ In Community Solar

By Michael W. Kahn, -

Looking for community solar? Your best bet is in electric cooperative territory. “In terms of the number of community solar programs, cooperative utilities have been trailblazers,” states a new [...]

Cooperatives And The Future Of Work

By Sion Whellens, -

‘A lot of resources are going to be spent in our city. Therefore the questions is: who is going to get them? Who is going to benefit?’ says Kali Akuno, of Cooperation Jackson. The question of the [...]

Cooperative Banking For Black Lives

By Valerie Vande Panne, -

MINNEAPOLIS—On an unseasonably warm Friday in late January, African-American business owners, activists, advocates, musicians, politicians and artists toasted with a “come-up” cocktail: a healthy [...]

Worker Cooperatives Offer Real Alternatives To Trump’s Retrograde Economic Vision

By Sarah Aziza, -

Announcing his presidency in 2016, Donald Trump promised the nation that he’d become “the greatest job president God ever created.” His plan to accomplish this rested on a retrograde economic [...]

The Cooperative Hostile Takeover

By Mike Leung, -

The routes through which workers typically gain ownership and control of their businesses are tightly constrained because they either require the consent of the owners or require the workers to [...]

Preparing For The Storm With A New Economy

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

Just as we must end the extraction of fossil fuels and minerals from the Earth to lessen the impacts of climate change and stop the poisoning of our communities, we must also end the extraction [...]

Catalan Integral Cooperative – Simpler Way Revolution Is Well Underway!

By Ted Trainer, -

It is now abundantly clear that a just and sustainable world cannot be achieved unless consumer-capitalist society is basically scrapped. It involves levels of resource use and environmental [...]

Why Are Young People Joining Cooperatives?

By Nithin Coca, -

For many, cooperatives represent the past, not the future. But young people around the globe are challenging that notion. At the International Cooperative Alliance Conference, held in November in [...]

Seymour Melman And The New American Revolution

By Johnathan Feldman, -

Seymour Melman believed that both political and economic decline could be reversed by vastly scaling back the U.S. military budget which represented a gigantic opportunity cost to the national [...]

FairCoop: An Alternative System Outside Of Capitalism

By Niko Georgiades, -

Athens, Greece – Tools born from the internet, applied across autonomous networks and movements seeking alternatives to capitalism, are providing the infrastructure of alternative societies. In [...]

Organic Farm Co-op: World’s Largest Will Use 100% Renewables

By Staff, -

By Staff of Co-operative News - Organic Valley is creating a solar partnership that is set to increase overall usage in Wisconsin by 15%, and will incorporate insect-friendly habitat. Organic [...]