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COP 23

UN Climate Talks Wrap Up With World Leaving Trump Behind

By John H. Cushman Jr. for Inside Climate News. Two weeks of international climate talks in Bonn made only incremental progress toward resolving disputes that have been lingering since the Paris Agreement of 2015. The main achievement may have been cementing a firebreak to prevent the Trump administration from torching the whole process. The strategy is to assert a broad new leadership among nations big and small, to bolster their resolve with high-profile commitments from American cities and states, to muster corporations and financial institutions in an attempt to kickstart renewable energy and assist poor countries, and to leave Washington isolated on the world stage. It's a strategy pinned on the hopes—although diplomats would never put it so bluntly—that either Donald Trump will change his mind or that the United States will change its leader.

Fake Trump Marches In Carnival-Climate Protests At COP23

By Louise Osborne, Patrick Große and Rebecca Staudenmaier for DW. Carnival protest at the climate meeting in Bonn. A fake Donald Trump, the devil and a crew of buccaneering pirates were among thousands of environmental activists who hit the soggy streets of Bonn on Saturday to cast out coal, oil and nuclear energy — the "evil spirits of climate change." "Climate change doesn't react to pretty words — only to action," Dagmar Paternoga from Attac Germany, a network critical of globalization, told DW. "We demand an end to coal, an end to fossil fuels, [more] renewable energy and we're also demanding a mobility transition." No Climate Change, the group leading the demonstration, said some 2,000 people from Germany and around the world marched from downtown Bonn toward the site where the COP23 climate conference is taking place near the United Nations headquarters. A subsequent climate protest took place in the city center. They both wanted to grab the attention of climate conference attendees gathered in the western German city.
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