How Postal Workers Saved The Election

By Jane Slaughter, Labor Notes. -

The story of mail ballots in 2020 is the story of a union postal workforce willing to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that every vote got delivered. Postal workers did this despite [...]

First Person: Sick And Afraid Inside San Quentin

By Kevin Cooper, -

Death Row San Quentin Prison - We men and women who unfortunately have been sentenced to death and sent to death rows here at San Quentin State Prison (for men) and the Central California Women’s [...]

To Fight Coronavirus, Fight Poverty

By Kait Ziegler, -

As Americans do everything they can to stay safe and limit their exposure to COVID-19, we are seeing more clearly the great divides in our society. While the virus doesn’t discriminate, we are [...]

Cuba And The Concept Of Community Of Nations

By Bill Hackwell, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

Some years ago I was talking to a Cuban doctor about what a remarkable achievement it was that Cuba was able to eliminate Malaria in 1973. He took the discussion in stride and said that it didn’t [...]

An Economic Recovery Program—Theirs vs. Mine

By Jack Rasmus, -

The Coronavirus has been wrecking the US and global economies. While focus has been on addressing the biological devastation wrought by the virus, the economic devastation keeps growing. Failure [...]

Coronavirus And The ‘Shock Doctrine’

By Sam Pizzigati and Sarah Anderson, -

In times of crisis like the current coronavirus pandemic, these sorts of calls for cooperation become the drumbeat of our daily lives. Unfortunately, no drumbeat ever gets everybody marching in [...]

Public Health Experts: Single-Payer Systems Coping With Coronavirus More Effectively Than For-Profit Model

By Jake Johnson, -

As the coronavirus pandemic places extraordinary strain on national healthcare systems around the world, public health experts are making the case that countries with universal single-payer [...]

Capitalism Is An Incubator For Pandemics. Socialism Is The Solution.

By Mike Pappas and Tatiana Cozzarelli, -

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the world. Capitalism cannot adequately respond to a global health crisis. That’s why we need socialism. Anew coronavirus called “SARS-CoV-2” — known [...]

Small Farms Also Struggle As Restaurants Shut Down Due To Coronavirus

By Lisa Held, -

At Norwich Meadows Farm in upstate New York, Zaid Kurdieh and his wife Haifa grow varieties of vegetables coveted by New York City chefs. If this were a normal week, diners would be enjoying [...]

Love (And Mutual Aid) In The Time Of Coronavirus

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

I got an email from energy company Pepco today saying that they have “suspended service disconnections” and are “waiving new late payment fees through at least May 1…” When I called American [...]

We Won’t Pay For This Crisis: An Emergency Program To Protect Working People

By Staff, -

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has caused not only a world health crisis, but may also cause a deep economic depression. The fabric of society is becoming strained to the breaking point, and [...]

Radical Solidarity Through Covid-19

By Staff, -

Community mobilizations for mutual aid and medical solidarity have formed in as many spaces as the new coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread.    From continent to continent, people have innovated [...]

HOLY SH*T! 7 Things To Do Instead Of Hoarding Toilet Paper

By Rae Abileah and Nadine Bloch, -

We’re facing down a global pandemic. If you find yourself saying “Holy shit! What do I do?!” you’re not alone. A renegade bug is showing how deeply broken our system is. Beyond the absolutely [...]

Cuba’s Contribution To Combating COVID-19

By Helen Yaffe, -

COVID-19 surged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December 2019, and by January 2020 it had hit Hubei province like a tidal wave, swirling over China and rippling out overseas. The Chinese [...]

On The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Doctor’s View

By Mike Pappas, -

The coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the globe. There seems to be no way of containing it at this point, and health systems are struggling to keep up. The virus is exposing inadequacies in health [...]

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