Amazon’s Hunt For Public Contracts Generates Backlash

By Oliver Roethig, Progressive International. -

In July 2021, the world witnessed Jeff Bezos’ ‘best day ever” as he travelled to space. It was not long after stepping out of his shuttle that the richest man in the world thanked all Amazon [...]

Cities Should Stop Playing Amazon’s Game & Quit Offering Corporate Tax Incentives

By Amihai Glazer, The Conversation -

New York City should count its blessings. Amazon’s decision to walk away from its plan to build a new headquarters in Queens stunned city and state officials, who had promised US$3 billion in [...]

Amazon’s Decision To Pull Out Of NYC Is A Massive Blow To Corporate Welfare

By David Dayen, -

Amazon announced Thursday the company has canceled its bid to acquire nearly $3 billion in public dollars to locate a facility in New York City—the most substantial setback for corporate welfare [...]

Pence Family’s Failed Gas Stations Cost Taxpayers $20 Million-Plus

By Brian Slodysko, AP   -

The state of Indiana — and, to a smaller extent, Kentucky and Illinois — are still on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than 85 contaminated sites across the three states from the [...]

Where The Biggest Corporate Handouts Come From

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

As tax day looms, most of us are grumbling and griping about the joyless task of shelling out hard-earned wages to the Empire. Regardless of political perspective, the people are overwhelmingly [...]

Hunger Strike Against Weapons-Maker Tax Giveaway

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

On Resistance Report, we interview Bruce Gagnon, who was on his 33rd day of a hunger strike against a massive tax give-way to one of the largest military contractors in the country. General [...]

Taxpayers Fund Prescription Drug Research Not Pharmaceuticals

By Alexander Zaitchik, Social Security Works   -

According to a new study by a small, partly industry-funded think tank called the Center for Integration of Science and Industry (CISI), it is existentially important. No NIH funds, no new drugs, [...]

Stunning Truths About The Bloated Safety Net For The Wealthy

By Paul Buchheit, -

By Paul Buchheit for Buzz Flash - Housing: Start with the homes, the expensive homes, the estates. For the mortgage interest deduction alone, households earning over $100,000 in 2012 claimed 77.3 [...]

New Yorker’s Multi-Billion Dollar Corporate Welfare For Nuclear Reactors

By Jon Campbell, -

By Jon Campbell for Democrat and Chronicle - ALBANY - A state-approved bailout of three upstate nuclear power plants was the focus of a legislative hearing Monday, but New York's top energy [...]

We Spend TRILLIONS To Make Sure We Die Soon (Seriously)!

By Staff, -

By Staff of Popular Resistance - There's a reason we ended up with ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and we ALMOST ended up with a Labor Secretary in Andy Puzder who prefers [...]

Paying CEOs Lots More Than Uncle Sam

By Scott Klinger, -

By Scott Klinger for Top U.S. corporations are still in the process of reporting their 2015 CEO compensation, but filings to date reveal that more than 60 Fortune 500 corporations [...]

The Biggest Tax Scam Ever

By Tim Dickinson, -

This is the reality of our political system in 2014: In what should be a titanic battle between multinational corporate power and federal power, our elected representatives are hardly putting up [...]

US Companies Hoarding Trillions Of Dollars Overseas

By Matthew O'Brien, -

There's a lot of cash on the sidelines, but those sidelines aren't in the U.S. They're overseas—in tax shelters. According to a new report from ISI Research, U.S. S&P 500 companies now have [...]

VIDEO: Clearly Demonstrates That Most Welfare Goes To Rich

By The Global Pov Project, -

And there are millions of other families who enjoy the same benefits. Here is just one statistic to make this point. In 1999 as the American century came to a close the U.S. government spent $24 [...]