Corporations #Resist Trump By Cutting Funding For Republicans

By Tatiana Cozzarelli, Left Voice. -

Dozens of large corporations  are stopping all donations to the political parties and their politicians in the wake of the right-wing storming of the Capitol last Wednesday. In many cases, [...]

Why Do Americans Give Away So Much Control To Corporations?

By Ralph Nader, Counterpunch. -

The American people own most of the wealth – private and public – and most of the information in the country. The top one percent do not. The American people have most of the power in the [...]

Corporate And White-Collar Prosecutions At All-Time Lows

By Staff, -

The latest available case-by-case records from the Department of Justice (DOJ) show that the prosecution of white-collar offenders in January 2020 reached an all-time low since tracking began [...]

The End Of The Corporation?

By Marjorie Kelly, -

Imagine your town is crisscrossed by giant trains that travel insanely fast, because the train owners pay their drivers based on speed. The town establishes speed limits, installs flashing [...]

How Corporations Are Forcing Their Way Into America’s Public Schools

By Jeff Bryant, Our Schools, Independent Media Institute -

In the expanding effort to privatize the nation's public education system, an ominous, less-understood strain of the movement is the corporate influence in Career and Technical Education (CTE) [...]

Pompeo: US Rejects UN Database Of Israeli Settlement Companies

By Staff, -

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday said the US government would not furnish any information for a database of companies operating in the occupied West Bank that the United [...]

State Of Power 2020

By Staff, -

The Corporation is capitalism's preeminent institution, dominating our economy, distorting our politics and reshaping society. TNI's ninth flagship State of Power report delves deep into the [...]

Putting A Face Onto The Corporation

By Nick Buxton, -

Corporations account for 78 of the world’s 100 largest economies, yet they remain cloaked in mystery. TNI’s State of Power 2020 report takes a deep dive into capitalism’s preeminent institution. [...]

The Corporate Debt Bubble Is A Train Wreck In Slow Motion

By Brandon Smith, -

There are two subjects that the mainstream media seems specifically determined to avoid discussing these days when it comes to the economy - the first is the problem of falling global demand for [...]

Tax Gap Of Silicon Six Over $100 Billion So Far This Decade

By Staff, -

The Fair Tax Mark will later this week release a new report, The Silicon Six and their $100 billion global tax gap, which examines the tax conduct of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and [...]

Multinational Mining Corporations Are Exploiting U.S. Taxpayers

By Nicole Gentile, -

Under the Trump administration, corporate profits have taken priority over public lands time and time again. However, the biggest of all handouts to the mining industry started decades before [...]

Global Minimum Corporate Tax Needed

By Joseph E. Stiglitz, -

NEW YORK – Globalization has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and often for good reason. But some critics, not least US President Donald Trump, place the blame in the wrong place, conjuring up a [...]

21st Century Corporate Governance: New Rules For Worker Representation On Corporate Boards

By Lenore Palladino, -

In a new working paper, Roosevelt Senior Economist and Fellow Lenore Palladino argues that the 21st century American economy requires a new, more accurate, and more effective model for corporate [...]

Fining Corporations That Pollute Carbon Is Quite Popular

By Matt Bruenig, -

The Emerson results are not directly comparable to the YouGov results because Emerson asks people only if they “support” it, “oppose” it, or are unsure, while YouGov gives people the additional [...]

Making Corporations Pay For Big Pay Gaps

By Sarah Anderson and Sam Pizzigati, -

For two full years now, publicly held corporations in the United States have had to comply with a federal mandate to report the gap between their CEO and median worker compensation. The resulting [...]