India’s Farmers’ Protests: ‘This Is History In The Making’

By Sarang Narasimhaiah and Mukesk Kulriya, ROAR Magazine. -

On January 26, 2021, India observed its 71st Republic Day under historically unprecedented circumstances. On an occasion meant to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution, two fiercely [...]

Nevada Bill Would Allow Tech Companies To Create Governments

By AP News. -

Carson City, NV - Planned legislation to establish new business areas in Nevada would allow technology companies to effectively form separate local governments. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak [...]

Hundreds Of Groups Oppose Corporate-Governance Agreement Between UN & World Economic Forum

By Transnational Institute. -

The UN Secretary General and the World Economic Forum signed on June 13 a Strategic Partnership Agreement for the implementation of the 2030 agenda (SDG). More than 240 organisations signed the [...]

Teacher Strikes Are Exposing The Corrupt Charter School Agenda

By Jeff Bryant, Our Schools -

The LA teachers’ opposition to charter schools is just the latest voice in a growing chorus of public school teachers calling on politicians to do more to support the public schools we have [...]

Co-opted Language: Decoding Ed Reform’s Sales Pitch

By Wrench in the Gears, -

By Wrench In The Gears. The words used to promote “future ready” public education do not mean to reformers what they mean to you. This post is intended to pull back the curtain and expose the [...]

Ignoring Chicago, Toronto Has A Big, Stupid Idea

By Joyce Nelson, -

By Joyce Nelson for Counter Punch - Last weekend, the good folks of Toronto, Ontario learned that their elected officials at City Hall are considering selling off the Toronto Parking Authority – [...]

Common Core And Corporate Colonization: The Big Picture

By Staff, -

By Staff of Educational Alchemy - I said it over three years ago and I’ll say it again. Common Core was, and is, an agenda crafted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). It was [...]

Chomsky: Suffering Major Downside Of Corporate Globalization

By Noam Chomsky, -

By Noam Chomsky for E-International Relations - For better or worse, I’ve pretty much stayed the same throughout my life. When I was a child in elementary school I was writing articles for the [...]

Stand With Community Colleges Resisting Corporatization

By Amanda Loos, -

By Amanda Loos for Praxis Center - On February 4th, the faculty of the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) delivered a vote of no confidence in mayor-appointed Chancellor Cheryl Hyman. At Harold [...]

Corporatizing Education & Teach For America’s Role In Elections

By Drew Franklin, -

By Drew Franklin for AlterNet. Teach For America sounds like a benevolent and benign idea: recruit bright college grads, give them some teacher-training and place them in some of the nation’s [...]

Non-Profit Industrial Complex’s Role In Corporatized Education

By Robert D. Skeels, -

By Robert D. Skeels for Truth Out and Regeneración - Those ruling society have long utilized non-profits and similar outfits as a means to further their interests, ameliorate their public image, [...]

Organizing To Resist Corporatization Of Higher Education

By Malini Cadambi Daniel, -

By Malini Cadambi Daniel for New Labor Forum - The once hallowed and secure work life of American university faculty has for the past quarter century been in turmoil. Being a profes­sor was once [...]

Ralph Nader: The Devastating Cost Of Monetized Elections

By Ralph Nader, -

Ralph Nader for the Nader Page. Corporatized and commercialized elections reach a point where they stand outside and erode our democracy. Every four years the presidential and Congressional [...]

Newsletter: The Moment Has Arrived, Now Is The Time

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

After a more than three year campaign, the moment has arrived, now is the time. We are at the key battleground that will determine whether the TPP and other corporate trade agreements will become [...]

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