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The Liberal Class Is Complicit In Mass Murder

There is an out-of-fashion quote that goes something along the lines of: “For Evil to flourish good people need only to do nothing.” The notion of “evil” has been banished from the supposedly sophisticated discourse of the “woke” liberal classes. But for 99% of human history, evil was very much a material reality, namely the grotesque arbitrary power of the rich to rape, starve and murder. The modern evil is the plan by the corporate elite and their political administrators to willingly, in the full knowledge of the science, engage in putting greenhouse gases into the air to the point of locking in what is euphemistically called social collapse, namely that old trinity of rape, starvation and murder, on the scale of billions of people.

Bree Newsome: ‘Now Is The Time For True Courage’

By Bree Newsome in Blue Nation Review - As you are admiring my courage in that moment, please remember that this is not, never has been and never should be just about one woman. This action required collective courage just as this movement requires collective courage. Not everyone who participated in the strategizing for this non-violent direct action volunteered to have their names in the news so I will respect their privacy. Nonetheless, I’m honored to be counted among the many freedom fighters, both living and dead. I see no greater moral cause than liberation, equality and justice f­­or all God’s people. What better reason to risk your own freedom than to fight for the freedom of others? That’s the moral courage demonstrated yesterday by James Ian Tyson who helped me across the fence and stood guard as I climbed. History will rightly remember him alongside the many white allies who, over the centuries, have risked their own safety in defense of black life and in the name of racial equality.

Contemptible Heroes Who Do Good And Get Demonized

Contemptible heroes can be “difficult” and are not always the nicest people to have around. They embarrass or scare us. Such a man or woman often suffers terrible isolation and feelings of “Am I crazy to do this?” It can be very lonely. Here are a few more examples: Warrant officer Hugh Thompson, a Vietnam helicopter pilot, who risked landing his plane in the hot zone between the dead and dying My Lai villagers and Lt. Calley’s Company C gone-berserk U.S. army soldiers. Thompson told Calley that he’d shoot any American soldier who fires on the Vietnamese, thus stopping the massacre. For this act of defiance Thompson was called a “traitor,” got death threats, and was nearly courtmartialled and jailed. His fellow officers and some of his neighbors back in Stone Mountain, Georgia do not take kindly to his act of decency.
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