Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Gareth Porter

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

Gareth Porter has long been one of my favorite foreign policy writers and investigative journalists. Do check out his recent columns at the GrayZone! He stopped by the podcast to discuss his [...]

Capitalism’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead, -

At a time when wealth is concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite, maintaining comfortable living standards for the majority requires reliance on abundant borrowing. Too much lending, as we [...]

Black And Minority-Owned Businesses Are Denied Virus Relief Funds

By Ama Nundoo, Face 2 Face Africa. -

Many Black and Latino business owners say they are on the verge of losing their businesses because they are currently out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, that may not be the [...]

Rent Strike: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay

By Amy Hall, The New Internationalist. -

The Covid-19 crisis has triggered an international rent strike. Housing activists hope to build strong networks of solidarity as a financial crisis and mass evictions loom. Across the world, [...]

Doctors Demand Hospital Industry Stop Funding Dark Money Lobby Group

A progressive organization of 23,000 physicians from across the U.S. demanded Thursday that the American Hospital Association (AHA) divest completely from a dark-money lobbying group that has [...]

Health Care Crisis: Future Is Up To Us

By Rita Valenti, Popular Resistance. -

A society that is governed in such a way that it fails to protect its people from the catastrophic harm of the COVID 19 pandemic is a society ripe for revolutionary transformation. The pandemic [...]

The Nobel Peace Prize Should Be Awarded To The Cuban Henry Reeve Brigade

By The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, -

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity calls on the friends of Cuba and advocates of mutual assistance among nations to support the nomination of the “Henry Reeve [...]

Video Captures Poor Conditions At Plant Where Prisoners Are Sent To Work

By Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal. -

Kia Jones says her brother would stop working at Louisiana’s meatpacking facilities if he could. Earlier this month, Jones’s brother sent her a video from the poultry plant where he’s working—and [...]

Caravan Supports Workers And Fights U.S. Postal Service Privatization

By Martha Alston, Peoples World. -

On Thursday, May 21, 80 cars lined up, in front of the Main Post Office in downtown Detroit, to thank Postal Workers, and to insist that the Post Office not be privatized. For over an hour, [...]

Baton Rouge Inmates Sue For Release Due To COVID-19, Potential ‘Death Sentence’

By Lea Skene, The Advocate. -

The inmates are seeking class-action status in an attempt to protect other current and future inmates. Their lawsuit also seeks to have a federal judge order East Baton Rouge to improve jail [...]

Global Crisis Spurs Global Activism

By Norman Stockwell, The Progressive. -

The COVID-19 pandemic’s global spread has highlighted inequities in the world like inequality of income and access to resources in many communities. The response to the crisis has been a varied [...]

The Irony Of American Freedom

By Ipek S. Burnett, Counterpunch. -

Perhaps it is too difficult for a culture in pursuit of happiness to pause and face this immense loss. Perhaps it is too scary to accept the frailty of human life. Perhaps anger is much easier to [...]

Schools Are Feeding Millions Of Children

By Chuck Abbott, The Fern. -

Public schools served tens of millions of emergency meals in April to low-income children after coronavirus closures ended cafeteria service, said a survey released on Monday. But with roughly [...]

The End Of War As We Know It?

By Danny Sjursen, Tom Dispatch. -

Covid-19, an ongoing global human tragedy, may have at least one silver lining. It has led millions of people to question America’s most malignant policies at home and abroad. Regarding [...]

What Future Do We Want?

By Mathis Wackernagel, Footprint Network. -

The radical slowdown of the global economy, due to humanity’s efforts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, has reduced carbon emissions and resource demand significantly over the last [...]