Scheer Intelligence: The Political Cartoon Is Dead

By Robert Scheer, -

Political cartoons have helped us make sense of the world in which we live since they first appeared in the 18th century–though some, like the iconic cartoonist Mr. Fish, argue the art predates [...]

The Arts And Symbolism In Mexico’s Feminist Movement

By Poncho Hernández, Nonviolent Conflict. -

Last August, during a press conference with Mexico City’s police chief, a group of young women were seen breaking windows and throwing pink glitter in the police chief’s face. This was to demand [...]

Artists Install Anti-Trump Living Statues Around DC

By Alicia Cohn, The Hill. -

Living statues were installed around Washington, D.C. on Friday depicting President Trump as a "destroyer of civil rights and liberties." A group of artists known as the Trump Statue [...]

Chilean Arpilleras Sustain Political Momentum During Lockdown

By Nathalia Santos Ocasio, NACLA. -

After five months of continual mass mobilizations, the Chilean estallido, or uprising, came to a sudden interruption in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. President Sebastián Piñera [...]

Activists ‘Arrest Donald Trump’ Outside His Manhattan Residence

By Jo Walter and Kim Fraczek, -

Saturday afternoon, dozens of activists gathered in midtown Manhattan to demand the United States impeach and remove President Donald Trump and set a national standard for leadership and [...]

Speaking Mirth To Power

By Lorna Garano, -

By Lorna Garano for Truthout. L.M. Bogad's artful activism blends the strategies of civil disobedience with heaping doses of Harpo Marx. As a professor and "tactical performer, Bogad says he is [...]

Protesting Students ‘Occupy’ Delhi Art College With Graffiti

By Dipanita Nath, -

By Dipanita Nath in Indian Express - Threads criss-cross a patch of a wall like a colourful cobweb gone chaotic. Through the artwork, a third-year student of Applied Art, Aditya Verma, is [...]

Bronx Theater Uses Avant-Garde Theater To Teach Activism

By Araz Hachadourian, -

By Araz Hachadourian in Yes Magazine - A recent study revealed that nearly half of people between the ages of 13 and 22 have experienced online harassment. Of those surveyed, one-third did [...]

Morning Links: Atena Farghadani Edition

By The Editors of ARTnews, -

By The Editors of ARTnews - Eight new 'Morning Links' to news on the art world! 1)Yesterday, MoMA staff protested healthcare cuts outside of the museum. 2) Pierre Audi, founder of the Almeida [...]

Interview: Firebrand Records To ‘Fight On The Cultural Front’

By Michael Fox and Ryan Harvey, -

By Michael Fox and Ryan Harvey in TeleSur - Artist and activist Ryan Harvey, co-founder of Firebrand Records with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, gave teleSUR en exclusive [...]

Radical Culture: Art That Inspires Fighting Injustice

By Lauren Steiner, -

As a political activist, I have organized and attended many street protests. I often wonder how many people in the public we influence as we march by them brandishing our signs and shouting our [...]

4 Potent Lessons In Creative Cultural Activism From Myanmar

By Nadine Bloch, -

The legacy of the brutal Burmese regime that kept glamorous challenger Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest and its tightly controlled society closed off to outside influences had seemed poised [...]

18 Of The Most Amazingly-Creative Protests Ever!

By John Vibes, -

What does create long-lasting change, is changing the hearts and minds of the people, and changing the consciousness of society. This is done by connecting to them on both an emotional and a [...]

Ferguson Friday

By Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, -

From - Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) at University of Pennsylvania is engaging in a series of creative actions, held weekly on Fridays. The group aims [...]

Chipmunk Resistance Stops Work At Tar Sands Mine

By Raphael Cordray, -

Protesters again stopped work at the construction site of the first tar sands mine in the US. Five people were later arrested and jailed but the campaign to stop the mine said the resistance will [...]

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