Albany Must Do More To Stop The Criminalization Of Our Communities

By Eliana Fernandez, Mateo Guerrero, And Adilka Pimentel, City Limits. -

As Black, Brown, immigrant, and trans New Yorkers continue to take to the streets, it’s clear that the mass uprising taking place across the state, and indeed the country, is far from over. In [...]

In Sea-Watch And No More Deaths Cases, Courts Rule That Saving Lives Isn’t A Crime

By Susan H. Smith, -

After six months of detention at the Sicilian port of Licata, the Sea-Watch 3 humanitarian search and rescue ship is now free to resume its operations in the Central Mediterranean. On Dec. 19, [...]

Ecuadorian Opponents Reject Lenin Moreno’s Economic Reform

By Juan Manuel Boccacci,  Pagina 12, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau. -

The Lenin Moreno Administration is moving in two fronts since the mass mobilizations that took place in Ecuador about a month ago. On the one hand, it is criminalizing social protests so [...]

Federal Court: Cities Cannot Criminalize Homelessness

By Chris Teale, -

The likes of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have come out hard against anti-homelessness laws in cities nationwide. The organization derided laws encouraging homeless people in Houston [...]

Single Mother And Healthcare Worker Jailed For Three Days In Indiana Over Unpaid Ambulance Bill

By George Marlowe, -

Melissa Latronica is a 30-year-old healthcare worker and single mother of three who lives in La Porte, Indiana, 65 miles southeast of Chicago. On February 11, Melissa was pulled over by police in [...]

All Laws That Make It A Crime To Be Homeless Should Be Repealed

By John Tharp and Maria Foscarinis, -

When San Diego resident Gerald Stark’s rent increased and he couldn’t afford another apartment, the retired union pipefitter moved into his RV. But because he lacked an address, San Diego law [...]

Devaluing Survivors, Criminalizing Dissent & Creating Utopia

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

It took one woman 10 years to see her rapist brought to justice because that's when they finally tested her rape kit. Her story is not uncommon. This week, we dive into the backlog of untested [...]

Cops Rebranded As “School Resource Officers” Can Injure And Criminalize Schoolkids

By Thandisizwe Chimurenga, -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Last month a video emerged of a La Mesa police officer violently slamming a 17-year-old student onto the ground at a San Diego charter school. The juvenile, who had [...]

Policy Road Map To Reparations For ‘War On Weed’

By Lawrence Grandpre, -

Over the past 50 years, the city of Baltimore and the State of Maryland’s active investments in policing the War on Drugs have created conditions of concentrated poverty in Baltimore City. While [...]

Recriminalizing Cannabis Is Worse Than 1930s “Reefer Madness”

By Miriam Boeri, -

In the 1930s, parents across the US were panicked. A new documentary, "Reefer Madness," suggested that evil marijuana dealers lurked in public schools, waiting to entice their children into a [...]

Sessions Reverses DOJ Policy, Allows Marijuana Prosecutions In Legal States

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration threw the burgeoning movement to legalize marijuana into uncertainty Thursday as it lifted an Obama-era policy that kept federal authorities from [...]

How It Became A Crime To Be Poor In America

By Peter Edelman, -

By Peter Edelman for The Guardian - In the United States, a system of modern peonage – essentially, a government-run loan shark operation – has been going on for years. Beginning in the 1990s, [...]

Opiod Crisis Demands Care Not Criminalization

By Ellie Hamrick et al, -

By Ellie Hamrick, Katherine King and Neil Hamrick for Socialist Worker - After Tori was arrested on drug charges in 2015, she began suffering from heroin withdrawal in jail. She was denied [...]

How The Government Is Turning Emerging Activists Into Felons

By Natasha Lennard, -

By Natasha Lennard for Esquire - Alsip only knew one other person at the protest march that day. The political science graduate student from the University of Chicago had met her partner in [...]

Republican Lawmakers In 5 States Propose Bills To Criminalize Peaceful Protest

By Spencer Woodman, -

By Spencer Woodman for The Intercept - ON SATURDAY, THE Women’s March on Washington will kick off what opponents of the incoming administration hope will be a new era of demonstrations against [...]

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