Argentina’s New $50 Billion IMF Loan Is Designed To Replay Its 2001 Crisis

By Sharmini Peries, -

For several months now. Argentines have been taking to the streets to protest against neoliberal austerity measures of President Mauricio Macri. The most recent such protest took place on July 9 [...]

America The Failed State

By Chris Hedges, -

TORONTO—Our “corporate coup d’état in slow motion,” as the writer John Ralston Saul calls it, has opened a Pandora’s box of evils that is transforming America into a failed state. The “unholy [...]

The Crisis Next Time: Planning For Public Ownership As An Alternative To Corporate Bank Bailouts

By Thomas Hanna, -

The next financial crisis is all but inevitable. While its exact timing and severity cannot be predicted, both the accelerating frequency of crises in recent decades and the continued [...]

Warning Signs Point To A New Global Financial Crisis

By Martin Khor, -

(IPS) – There are increasing warnings of an imminent new financial crisis, not only from the billionaire investor George Soros, but also from eminent economists associated with the Bank of [...]

‘Carbon Bubble’ Could Spark Global Financial Crisis, Study Warns

By Fiona Harvey, -

Investors beware, climate change is upon us. The energy industry is transforming to a new clean energy economy. Your investments in old dirty energy may end up being lost investments, know as [...]

Italian Debt Crisis Erupts: Is This A Greek Debt Crisis Writ Large?

By Dr. Jack Rasmus, -

With no independent monetary policy and strict limits on its fiscal policy, all Italy could do in a recession or financial crisis, such as 2008-2010, was borrow money from the ECB and the Euro [...]

Ten Years After The Crash

By David F. Ruccio, -

The economic crises that came to a head in 2008 and the massive response—by the U.S. government and corporations themselves—reshaped the world we live in.* Although sectors of the U.S. economy [...]

Going Down With The Bad Ship U.S.A.

By Glen Ford, -

There is no mystery to the ideological collapse of U.S. ruling class politics under late stage capitalism and imperial decline. Simply put, the corporate duopoly parties have nothing to offer the [...]

The ‘Human Rights’ War On Syria

By Jeremy Salt, -

The perfidious role of ‘human rights’ organizations in the war on Syria has been exposed again with the Amnesty International report on Syria for 2017/18, followed by an equally tendentious [...]

Corporations Profiting From Water Infrastructure Crisis

By Elizabeth Nussbaumer, -

Here are some numbers to start. In 2014, 64 percent of bottled water was, essentially, filtered tap water -- up from 51.8 percent in 2009.  From 2010 to 2014, total federal funding for public [...]

The Big Pharma Family That Brought Us Opioid Crisis

By Sam Pizzigati, -

If the devil wears Prada, what do America’s most destructive drug pushers wear? They wear smiles. The drug pushers we have in mind here have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, enough [...]

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse

By Umair Haque, -

February 15, 2018 "Information Clearing House" - You might say, having read some of my recent essays, “Umair! Don’t worry! Everything will be fine! It’s not that bad!” I would look at you [...]

Stock Market Designed To F**k 90% Of Us

By Lee Camp, Redacted Tonight -

As the stock market had its largest one-day drop in decades, what our media won't tell you is that 84% of stock wealth is in the hands of the top 10%. Looking at the stock market to judge the [...]

Dangers Of Focusing All Our Attention On Donald Trump

By Jerome Roos, -

It’s been a year since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America — and we’re already exhausted. Exhausted by the endless stream of sexist and racist [...]

Humans Only Have Few Decades Left. But We Can Change That.

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By severing effect from cause, we are not only dangerously cut off from understanding the gravity of these events, but we are also blind to climate change events that (so far) haven’t resulted in [...]

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