Brazil Announces End To Amazon Mega-Dam Building Policy

By Sue Branford, -

An indigenous leader in April 2015 at the São Manoel dam construction site on the Teles Pires River in the Tapajós basin. Photo by Midia Ninja courtesy of International Rivers. In a surprise [...]

Two French Dams To Be Demolished By 2018

By Sam Morgan, -

By Sam Morgan for Earth First Newswire - Two large dams on a river in northern France will be demolished after the French government finally signed off on a long-gestating plan to free up the [...]

International Civil Society Statement In Support Of Miller Dussán & ASOQUIMBO

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Democracy Center - ASOQUIMBO has been resisting this hydroelectric project for several years, highlighting its social and environmental impacts as well as a series of legal [...]

Battle For The Amazon: Tapajós Basin Threatened By Massive Development

By Sue Branford and Maurício Torres, -

By Sue Branford and Maurício Torres for Mongabay - The Tapajós River Basin lies at the heart of the Amazon, and also at the heart of an exploding controversy: whether to build more than 40 large [...]

Attack Dogs And Police Respond As Indigenous Fight Massive Dam Project

By Staff, -

By Staff of Indian Country Today - Flood gates from a reservoir were opened and washed homes away in August and, according to Indigenous Ngabe protesters in Panama, they were then harassed, shot [...]

Indigenous Movement Stops Construction Of Brazilian Mega-Dam

By Juliana Britto Schwartz, -

By Juliana Britto Schwartz for Feministing - In a historic victory, one of Brazil’s largest indigenous groups has managed to suspend construction of a mega-dam that threatened to submerge their [...]

For Indigenous Peoples, Megadams Are ‘Worse Than Colonization’

By Philippa de Boissière and Sian Cowman, -

By Philippa de Boissière and Sian Cowman for Foreign Policy In Focus - A world-renowned environmental activist, Berta had been a driving force in protecting the lands and waters of rural [...]

Court Order Fails To Halt Protests Over $9bn Canadian Dam Project

By Shaghayegh Tajvidi, -

By Shaghayegh Tajvidi for The Real News Network - This action by hunger strikers in Vancouver marks the latest in the fight against BC Hydro's $9 billion infrastructure project, along the Peace [...]

David Suzuki, Chief Stewart Phillip & First Nations Say No To Dam

By Sage Birley, -

By Sage Birley for Vancouver Observer - Members of Treaty 8 and their supporters have drawn a line in the snow at the historic Rocky Mountain Fort to stop ongoing clearing for the $8.8 billion [...]

Hydropower Dams Threaten One-Third Of The World’s Freshwater Fish

By Elizabeth Grossman, -

By Elizabeth Grossman for Earth Island Journal - Three of the world’s most important tropical river basins — the Amazon, the Congo and the Mekong — are experiencing an unprecedented boom in the [...]

Brazil Charged With Ethnocide In Building Of Amazon Dam

By Sue Branford, -

By Sue Branford for Mongabay. Brazil’s Public Federal Ministry (Ministério Público Federal, MPF), an independent state body, has started legal proceedings to have it recognised that the crime of [...]

Amazonian Tribe Brings Struggle to International Stage

Christian Poirier & Brent Millikan, -

By Christian Poirier, Amazon Watch & Brent Millikan, International Rivers. When Brazilian energy planners proposed to choke the Amazon’s Tapajós River and its tributaries with dozens of large [...]

Large Dams Highly Correlated With Poor Water Quality

By Carey L. Biron, -

Large-scale dams are likely having a detrimental impact on water quality and biodiversity around the world, according to a new study that tracks and correlates data from thousands of [...]

International Hydropower Meeting Interrupted

By Joanna Yap, -

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) World Congress tasted controversy on the first day when its first plenary session was abruptly interrupted by a local non-government organisation [...]