Assange Court Report September 16: Afternoon

By Bridges for Media Freedom, Assange Court Report. -

A famous Vietnam era whistleblower, 89-year-old Daniel Ellsberg, has told a court that he feels “a great identification,” with both Julian Assange and his source Chelsea Manning, who, he said, [...]

Good Ellsberg, Bad Assange

By Kevin Gosztola, Dissenter. -

Opponents of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange often hold up Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg as an example of someone who was responsible for a good leak. They insist WikiLeaks is [...]

Snowden & Ellsberg Hail New Drone Whistleblower

By Tom McCarthy , -

By Tom McCarthy for the Guardian - American whistleblowers hailed the release on Thursday of a collection of classified documents about US drone warfare as a blow on behalf of transparency and [...]

Ellsberg & Snowden: Mutual Respect, Different Approaches

By Nathan Schneider, -

Just as Snowden claimed Ellsberg as an influence, Ellsberg found common cause with his inheritors today. He made a lengthy and passionate speech denouncing the ongoing evils of the modern U.S. [...]

Defending Our ‘Right To Know’ With Courage

Yesterday in Berlin, a new international organization was announced whose purpose is to (1) defend whistleblowers when they are facing prosecution; and (2) defend the public’s right to know. In a [...]

On Secrecy, Oaths, and Edward Snowden

By Daniel Ellsberg, -

Snowden did not take an oath of secrecy. Such an oath doesn't exist (look up "oath" on the web). Rather he—and I—broke an agreement (known as Standard Form 312) which was a condition of [...]

Daniel Ellsberg’s Determined Lifelong Resistance

Releasing the Pentagon Papers in 1971 was an historic act. Since then Ellsberg has relentlessly built on and expanded upon this particular nonviolent action in innumerable ways. Retirement [...]