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Daniel Ortega

President Daniel Ortega Challenges Petro To Shut Down US Military Bases

These are times of challenges, of difficulties testing the revolutionary mettle of those who in our region of Latin America and the Caribbean at some point even took up arms to overthrow a pro-imperialist government in the service of Capital, in the service of drug trafficking. There are those who have stood firm throughout history, as all of you have stood firm, beloved brothers and sisters of the National Police, brothers and sisters of the Army, Sandinista sisters and brothers. Others take part for a while but when the conditions become adverse, then cowardice makes them change sides, cowardice makes them become agents of the Yankee Empire, and makes them betrayers, they betray themselves, betray those who gave their lives when they were leading those guerrilla movements.

We Are Faced With A Gang Of Assassins Who Control The Global Economy…

I want to conclude by referring to a meeting currently taking place there in Egypt, they call it the COP. This is COP number I don’t know what exactly, because since 1995 when they started doing these meetings there in Germany, because they were worried about global warming, about poisoning the planet, about the destruction of the planet. And they reach agreements, but they don’t fulfill any of them, and then they get back together and they make more agreements, and they don’t fulfill any of those either. Who does not comply? The countries that pollute the planet the most, the very ones that should comply with what the agreements mandate. Because countries like ours here in Central America and the Caribbean, which do not have high levels of pollution but are rather the victims of global warming, hence the hurricanes, the droughts, everything...

Dialogue With US ‘Is Just For Putting The Noose Around Your Own Neck’

The front-row seat reservations at the central act of the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista revolution in Managua, Nicaragua, saw no sign of the international community—a stale euphemism for the US’ withering clientele. Instead, the pantheon of the vaunted multipolar world order took its place: Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia were all represented, as were an assortment of lesser deities, enclaves of resistance, and potential allies: Argentina, Brazil, Angola, Western Sahara, and Palestine, just to mention a few. The crowd, mostly party youth sprinkled with groups of foreign representatives, danced for an hour to a dozen Sandinista numbers, each performed by a different artist, before the opening speech.

Why Do The Media Hate Daniel Ortega?

When Kamala Harris finally traveled to the U.S./Mexico border last week, she met several young women asylum seekers.  The vice president likely saw Hondurans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans who were fleeing from violence and extreme poverty.  But she probably did not see any Nicaraguan asylum seekers, who are few and far between. Nicaragua and Honduras are considered the two poorest nations in Latin America.  Honduras is a corrupt, failed, violent country, whose government is backed by the U.S.  Nicaragua has free healthcare and education, and is considered the safest country in Central America.  Since Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista Front won the Nicaraguan election in 2006, they have made remarkable gains, dramatically reducing poverty and extreme poverty. 

What’s Really Happening In Nicaragua; An Interview With Stephen Sefton

Violent protests have been going on since April of this year, forcing residents to stay indoors.  While the corporate media and an army of online trolls have been making false claims about the Ortega government, the reality is exactly the opposite. We speak with Stephen Sefton, who lives in Nicaragua and is a founder of Tortilla con Sal. He names the names behind the violence and describes what is really happening. We also discuss recent news and upcoming events.

Nicaragua’s Paramilitary Opposition Wages Intimidation And Media Terror Campaign

Nicaragua’s opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity, and hardship to around 30 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities. Only President Daniel Ortega’s commitment to peace has prevented an even worse conflict. Almost as disturbing as the extreme sadism of the opposition paramilitaries in Nicaragua is how their supporters and media displace opposition crimes by attributing them to the government. On June 14th Nicaragua’s Commission for Truth Peace and Justice, sworn in by the country’s National Assembly, reported 168 people dead and over 2100 injured.

NED Boasts Of ‘Laying the Groundwork For Nicaraguan Insurrection’

As Nicaraguan student protest leaders meet with neoconservatives in Washington, DC, a publication funded by the US government’s regime change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), boasts of spending millions of dollars “laying the groundwork for insurrection” against Daniel Ortega. The Nicaraguan students’ junket to Washington was paid for by Freedom House, a US government-funded NED partner whose agenda typically aligns with the neoconservative wing of the American foreign policy establishment. Freedom House crafted an itinerary for the students that culminated with a photo-op with some of the most hawkish Republicans in Washington: Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
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