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Defense Attorney

Holder’s Legacy: Corp’s Too Big to Jail, Protection Of Killer Cops

By Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo in Black Agenda Report - While the Holder Department of Justice deemed corporations and their millionaire executives as “too big to jail” it equally pursued a position that millions of black folks were not too big to be eviscerated by the mass incarceration prison system. The Holder doctrine of “too big to jail is ethnically indefensible but totally consistent with his legacy. Holder, for his part is satisfied with his political legacy: "I think I go out having accomplished a great deal in the areas that are of importance to me. I'm satisfied with the work we have done." But in the end, Holder’s legacy will be summarized in one sentence: the Attorney General who waltzed with Wall Street robbers and exonerated the killers of two unarmed Black boys, George Zimmerman and Darryl Wilson, which triggered the first African-American mass resistance movement of the 21st century. Period.
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