Activists Follow The Money Fueling Amazon Fires

By Negin Owliaei and Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson, -

While the world watches in horror as fires rage on in the Amazon, activists are shining a light on the big businesses destroying what’s popularly known as the “lungs of the Earth.” On September [...]

Ethiopia Plants 350 Million Trees In One Day

By Amanda Mills, -

The country and this project are aiming to do their part in the current climate crisis by tackling the ever-growing issue of deforestation and climate change. Ethiopia broke records with this [...]

Exclusive New Video From Greenpeace Reveals Massive Deforestation In Indonesia

By Staff, -

A palm oil supplier to Mars, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever is destroying rainforests in Papua, Indonesia, a new investigation by Greenpeace International has revealed. Satellite analysis suggests [...]

Governor Fails To Halt Yellowwood Logging

By Staff, -

Nearby residents witnessed logging trucks entering the Yellowwood State Forest Back Country Area today -- verifying that Governor Eric Holcomb is choosing to let the commercial logging of a [...]

Blockade At Remote Old-Growth Forest Attempts To Disrupt Logging Plans

By Adam Carey, -

By Adam Carey for The Age - Environmental activists have set up a blockade at a remote old-growth forest in East Gippsland in a last-ditch attempt to disrupt logging plans. Harvesting of native [...]

Earthjustice Wins 16-Year-Long Battle To Protect 50 Million Acres Of Forests

By Jessica A. Knoblauch, -

By Jessica A. Knoblauch for Earth Justice - A decades-long fight over a landmark rule protecting wild forests nationwide took another successful–and possibly final–turn last week after a U.S. [...]

Norway Is First Country To Commit To Zero Deforestation

Sadie Levy Gale, -

By Sadie Levy Gale for Independent - Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation. The Norwegian parliament pledged that the government’s public procurement [...]

WWF Partners With Logging Company Destroying “Pygmy” Land

By Staff, -

By Staff of Survival International - A French logging company and official partner of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is deforesting a huge area of rainforest in southeast Cameroon without the [...]

People Unite In Concern Over Forest Clearing

By Staff, -

By Staff of Front Line Action On Coal - MAULES CREEK and WILLOW TREE, 27 FEB 2016: Today the rail line for coal in north west NSW has again been shut down by activists concerned over Whitehaven’s [...]

Stylish Protest Brings Deforestation Concerns To Fashion Awards

By Emma Lierley, -

By Emma Lierley in Rainforest Action Network - Today, a colorful protest temporarily diverted attention from the red carpet parade at the 2015 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) [...]

Is Brazil Plan For Rainforests Environmental Protection Or Exploitation

By Donna Bowater, -

The Brazilian rainforest could be effectively nationalised under a draft bill being considered by the country’s MPs. The proposed legislation would recognise the sovereignty of Brazil over the [...]

Time Running Out For PepsiCo And Snack Food 20

By Gemma Tillack, -

One thing is clear, time is running out for PepsiCo and the Snack Food 20 companies to cut Conflict Palm Oil from their products. It's time for companies to put new commitments into action. [...]

Illegal Tropical Deforestation Driven By “Agro-Conversion”

By John C. Cannon, -

Nearly 50 percent of tropical deforestation to make room for commercial agriculture between 2000 and 2012 was done so illegally. That’s a key finding of a report published by the U.S.-based [...]

Honoring Grassroots Environmental Heroes

By Staff, -

The Goldman Prize continues today with its original mission to annually honor grassroots environmental heroes from the six inhabited continental regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island [...]

Amazon Women: On the Front Lines of Grassroots Climate Leadership

By Nathan Heintz, -

Women have organized and battled for centuries to win basic rights, to be treated with respect and equality. Meanwhile, patriarchal institutions driven by the thirst for power, accumulation, and [...]