Politics Of The New Abnormal

By Editors of Solidarity, www.solidarity-us.org -

By Editors of Solidarity, Right here and now, the urgent necessity for the army of Sanders supporters must be not to give up the fight. The results of the primaries and the delegate count are [...]

Newsletter – Building Toward Political Revolution

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Of course, we also know the Panama Papers leak is about just one tax evasion firm, and not a major one. This is a small tip of a [...]

Champions For Justice: Bahrain’s Pro-Democracy Movement

Jadaliyya Reports, www.bahrainrights.org -

Jadaliyya Reports for Bahrain Center For Human Rights - Five years ago this week, hundreds of thousands of people rose up in support of democracy and human rights in Bahrain. After enduring [...]

Hong Kong: Game-Changing Social Movement?

By Dorothy Grace Guerrero, www.focusweb.org -

The critical moments are early Friday morning and next Monday morning, because both are working days. The police are now looking for a "reason" for repression, and the protesters’ violation of [...]

Next Phase In The Venezuelan Revolution Announced

In declarations to the country on Tuesday night, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced what he described as "five revolutions", as part of a need to "improve our service to the [...]

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Real Democracy Coming to the USA!

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, www.popularresistance.org -

It is time to tap into the United States’ revolutionary roots and in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence instigate a second American Revolution against oligarchic rule.” The Rolling [...]

United We Stand Tour Wants Youth To Run For Office

Christina Tobin, the founder and chair of Free and Equal,  sits down with Dennis to discuss our Democracy in crisis and the United We Stand Festival [...]

Why Millennials Don’t Vote and What To Do About It {aTV 007)

On Acronym TV this week, two individuals working to fix our Democracy in crisis. Christina Tobin is the founder and chair of Free & [...]

We Are a Movement of Movements

By Rivera Sun www.riverasun.com -

Our movements are revolutionary; their manner of collaborative, horizontal organization is the most natural, organic system on Earth. We terrify the empowered elite because we reflect, in our [...]

‘New Citizens’ Movement On Trial In China

By Michael Caster, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

Last week, hundreds of millions of Chinese traveled home to be with their families to ring in the Year of the Horse. The two-week new years celebration is filled with fireworks and food, a [...]