Stress Test: Democracy Confronts Climate Change

By Gus Speth, -

Many climate scientists and others have reached the conclusion that, because we have dithered so long, we now face the prospect of either extreme rates of emission reduction or extreme impacts [...]

End Of US Empire May Be Our Best Hope For US Democracy

By Jacob Bacharach, -

When the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution asking nations not to build any more diplomatic missions in Jerusalem only to be drubbed 128-9 in the General Assembly, [...]

How Corporate Power Killed Democracy

By Richard Moser, -

By Richard Moser for Counter Punch - The rise of Corporate Power was the fall of democracy. Over the long haul, US politics has revolved around a deep tension between democracy and an [...]

Protests Continue On Honduras Amid Curfew, Police Repression

By Staff, -

By Staff for Telesur. Former Honduran president and coordinator of the Opposition Alliance, Manuel Zelaya, called on all Hondurans to take to the streets to defend presidential election [...]

Honduras Suspends Constitution As President ‘Flees’ Violence

By Staff, -

By Telesur TV. The Honduran government has voted to suspend constitutional guarantees across the country as of 11pm local time, hours after President Hernandez reportedly fled the country to [...]

U.S. Elections: A Poor Substitute For Democracy

By Paul Street, -

By Paul Street for Truth Dig - The passivity of the American populace in the face of the endlessly outrageous presidency of Donald Trump is chilling to behold. There were some meaningful [...]

Urgent Action For Democracy In Honduras

By Staff, -

By the Grassroots Alliance for Global Justice. Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Just before midnight on Wednesday November 29, a crowd of several thousand anti-fraud protesters in Honduras - including [...]

A Question Of True Democracy

By David Companyon, -

By David Companyon for Transform! Europe - A mixture of economic, social, and territorial crisis is a cocktail without which it is impossible to understand the Catalan politics that follow the [...]

How Closing Public Schools Undermines Democracy

By Jennifer Berkshire, -

By Jennifer Berkshire for AlterNet - Jennifer Berkshire: There's been a lot of attention paid to how students who attended the schools Chicago closed down in 2013 are faring now. But you've been [...]

Public Power As A Vehicle Towards Energy Democracy

By Johanna Bozuwa, -

By Johanna Bozuwa for The Next System Project - “We would line up all of our inhalers in a row on the benches before we would go run, just in case,” recounts Kristen Ethridge; an Indiana resident [...]

Imagining A New Democracy With Participatory Budgeting

By Maria Hadden, -

By Maria Hadden for New America - In 2007, I thought the City of Chicago and I had a pretty good relationship. In 2008, I woke up from the little bit of the “American Dream” I thought I could [...]

Anti-Government Popular Uprising Continues to Grow in Haiti

By Kim Ives, -

By Kim Ives for Haiti Liberty. Massive, raucous demonstrations, sometime several times a week, have rocked Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, and other provincial cities over the past two months [...]

The Revolt That Shook The World

By Pete Dolack, -

By Pete Dolack for The Indypendent. History does not travel in a straight line. I won’t argue against that sentence being a cliché. Yet it is still true. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be still [...]

Moral Courage, Redefining Progress And Myth Of Social Democracy

By William Hawes, -

By William Hawes for Counter Punch - The revolution will only come as a result of inner, mental transformation, as Krishnamurti foretold. Political movements may urge people towards an outward [...]

Congress Asks Pentagon To Prepare To Intervene In Venezuela

By Mision Verdad, -

By Mision Verdad for TeleSur. The importance of the U.S. Congress in the country’s foreign policy matters is well known, just as it is the center of decision-making on finance and trade issues in [...]