Capitalism Cannot Exist Without Imperialism

By Rania Khalek, Breakthrough News. -

Prahbat Patnaik, professor emeritus at JNU, joins Rania Khalek on her program Dispatches to discuss the argument he lays out in his book A Theory of Imperialism, which argues that capitalism was [...]

Scheer Intelligence: For Many Young People, Socialism Is As American As Apple Pie

By Robert Scheer, -

In the devastating aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, many young Americans who felt betrayed by capitalism were introduced to socialism by Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns. Meagan Day, [...]

Coronavirus Opens The Door To Big Changes, The Left Faces Pushback

By George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence. -

Emergencies have a way of shaking up old, limiting beliefs. The coronavirus pandemic is pushing people back to the drawing board. In the United States, many are noticing the institutional [...]

Democratic Socialism In The Twenty-First Century

By Scott Tucker, -

In the previous century I was a regular columnist for The Humanist magazine, and I was fortunate to work for an editor, Rick Szykowny, who was committed to publishing both class conscious and [...]

“Democratic Socialism” – Bring It On Corporate Socialists!

By Staff, -

Crooked Donald Trump, the erstwhile failed gambling czar and corporate welfare king, is assailing Bernie Sanders for his “radical socialism.” How ludicrous given Trump’s three-year giveaway of [...]

A Path To Democratic Socialism Means A Path To Climate Justice

By Thea N. Rio Francos, -

While the question of whether we should address capitalism first or climate change first is often posed in sequential terms, it is a false choice—though a compelling one. One can cogently argue, [...]

The Lemming Effect And The Left

By Greg Godels, -

With two weeks before the mid-Presidential-term US elections, the number of Democratic Party political solicitations in my e-mail inbox now approaches fifty a day. The curious-- “cynical” might [...]

Democratic Socialism And Political Power

By Rob Urie, -

Occasionally a phrase supports a wide range of political posturing while bearing little determinable relationship to actionable politics. ‘Income inequality’ is one of these phrases. Few using it [...]

Capitalism Is Not The “Market System”

By Richard D. Wolff, -

With the Democratic Socialists of America now counting 48,000 people within its membership and socialist candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushing for free universities and Medicare for [...]

Merkel’s CDU Wins But Far-Right AfD Enters Bundestag

By Catherine Stupp, -

By Catherine Stupp for Euractiv. Germany - Merkel’s coalition partners, the Social Democrats, were also dealt shocking losses, bringing them their worst results since World War Two. Party leaders [...]