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Palestine Solidarity Movement Challenges Democrats At Convention

Duluth, MN – On June 1, between 300 and 400 people from across the state protested the Minnesota DFL State Convention at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (the DECC). It was a show of broad geographic support for ending the U.S. support for Israel’s genocidal military campaign in Gaza, and against the stances of DFL (the name of the Democratic Party in Minnesota) politicians like U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and Governor Tim Walz, who have shown strong support for Israel. From the Twin Cities, the Free Palestine Coalition organized two busloads. The protest also included people from northern Minnesota’s Ely and the Iron Range, as well as Northfield, the home of Carleton and Saint Olaf Colleges, and other parts of the state.

Possible Virtual Biden Nomination Won’t Impact March On DNC

Chicago, IL – Preparations for the March on the DNC are well underway, with tens of thousands of people slated to march within sight and sound of the United Center on August 19 to demand that the Democratic Party helmed by Joe Biden end the genocide on Gaza and end U.S. aid to Israel. Recently, the Democratic Party announced, to comply with shifting Ohio laws, that it will virtually nominate Biden before the convention, meaning that some business of the convention might be resolved before the August in-person convention. “The Israeli occupation with U.S. weapons has killed over 36,000 people in Gaza. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Democratic Party are sad because their convention won’t be the sensation needed for the uninspiring candidates,” said Hatem Abudayyeh, national chair of the United States Palestinian Community Network (USPCN).

If You Want To See White ‘Supremacy’ At Work, Don’t Go To A Trump Rally

Last week, Professor Jerel Ezell (University of California, Berkeley) penned a piece for the New York Times suggesting that Joe Biden and the Democrats greatly underestimate how salient an issue climate change is for the Black voters who will certainly have a marked impact on the outcome of the upcoming elections in November. In their piece, Ezell posits, “Democratic strategists seem to see climate change as a key political issue only for white liberal elites and assume that other groups, like Black voters, are either unaware or apathetic about it.” Unfortunately, this sentiment is held not only by, majority white and affluent, Democratic Party strategists, but has also long been held  by the environmental nonprofit apparatus as well as far too many liberal and conservative elements of the Black Misleadership Class who continue to transmit a feckless notion that environmentalism is a “white people’s thing.”

Won’t You Please Come To Chicago?

Students are protesting Biden and Netanyahu’s war on Gaza all over the City of Chicago while city, state, and Democratic Party officials worry about what it portends for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) scheduled for August 19 to August 23.  Comparisons to Chicago 1968 are common, and the city’s police will be supported by Secret Service, FBI, Homeland Security, and neighboring police departments. Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling is frequently interviewed about preparations, and he says, “We’re the Chicago Police. We’re ready.” Politico warned that Mayor Brandon Johnson “unabashedly sympathizes with the protesters,” while the World Socialist Website accused him of deploying SWAT teams against peaceful, anti-genocide protestors at the  Chicago Art Institute.

The Democrats Have Lost Their Trump Card

Samuel Clemens’ (aka Mark Twain) sage aphorism, “History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes,” is certainly one of the more accurate ways to describe the Democratic Party’s approach to the 2024 presidential election in that it eerily, though not surprisingly, mimics the neoliberal, corporate party’s methodology during the 2016 election - paint Donald Trump as a megalomaniac demagogue and dictatorial mad man who will unilaterally destroy  “democracy” to generate  so much fear in voters that they would have no other choice but to choose the Democrats. This strategy, of course, failed and resulted in the ignominious defeat of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as down ballot Democrats, which handed Trump a “trifecta” government.

Antifascism After Gaza

Over the past few years, discussions of fascism in the United States have, unsurprisingly, followed an electoral cadence, focused more on the presidency of Donald Trump — past and possibly future — than on the formidable far-right mobilization taking place through private foundations and state legislatures. In many ways, that’s justified, considering fascism has historically required, for its successful seizure of power, an electoral and constitutional process, in tandem with militias and vigilantism. But today’s so-called ​“fascism debate” — an academic and intellectual dispute over whether it can, or already did, happen here—is taking place against a different backdrop than four or eight years ago: that of a growing movement, led by university students, to stop a genocide funded and sustained by the U.S. government.

Student Resistance To Gaza Genocide Spurs Crisis For Democrats

The defiant student protests erupting across American universities over U.S. support for Israel’s assault on Gaza represent something far beyond a cyclical wave of campus activism. These scenes symbolize a profound political crisis that has laid bare the fractures within the Democratic Party and its faltering grip on a disaffected younger generation. As the Biden administration persists in providing military aid and diplomatic imprimatur for Israel’s bombardment of the densely populated Palestinian territory, the human suffering in Gaza has become a tragic staging ground for global outrage.

Chris Hedges: Thank You For Support Following Cancellation Of My Show

I have received hundreds of messages of support, including over 400 on Substack alone, since my show was canceled by The Real News. More than 100 of you became paid subscribers. I cannot answer you all individually, but each message, each new subscription, means I can go on. I write and broadcast for you. I see myself in you. I refuse to dumb down anything to reach a wider audience. I do not try to be entertaining. I assume, like me, you love books and the world of ideas, the nuances and complexities that make up the human condition. I assume you care about the truth.

Could The Russians Seize Congress?

The Russians are coming — or coming back, better put. As the November elections draw near, let us brace for another barrage of preposterous propaganda to the effect Russians are poisoning our minds with “disinformation,” “false narratives,” and all the other misnomers deployed when facts contradict liberal authoritarian orthodoxies. We had a rich taste of this new round of lies and innuendo in late January, when Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who served as House speaker for far too long, asserted that the F.B.I. should investigate demonstrators demanding a ceasefire in Gaza for their ties, yes indeedy, to the Kremlin.

Protesters Sue City For Right To Protest Genocide In Palestine

Chicago, IL – Groups supporting Palestine are suing Chicago to ensure that Joe Biden “can hear us and see us” at the Democratic National Convention in August, sats Kobi Guillory, spokesperson for the Coalition to March on the DNC. When the convention opens at the United Center, August 19, the coalition is adamant that they get the attention they deserve. Guillory states, “As the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza continues unabated – with over 32,000 killed, almost all by U.S. bombs and missiles – we must march.

Wisconsin’s Uninstructed Campaign Has Momentum

Organizers with Listen to Wisconsin, the group driving the state’s ​“Uninstructed” campaign, say next week’s primary will send President Joe Biden the ​“final, unequivocal message from the Midwest” that if he wants to beat Trump, he must act immediately to end the genocide in Gaza. Wisconsin may be the most pivotal swing state in the country, and Biden only beat Trump by the narrowest of margins there in 2020 — a little more than 20,000 votes, or just over 0.6%. And according to some recent polls, the incumbent is currently trailing (by anywhere from 2% to 6%) as he is losing support from voters — including younger voters — who care about the mass killings.

14% Of Chicago Democrats Voted Blank Or Write-In For President

Results from the March 19 primary in Chicago show a significant gap between the number of Democratic ballots submitted and the number of votes cast for one of the four listed presidential options. By contrast, in the hotly contested 2016 primary, only 12,687 voters (1.8%) declined to select a presidential option, and in 2012, when President Barack Obama ran uncontested, 24,285 (9%) declined. With 98% of precincts reporting (and the results still unofficial), 297,217 Democrats turned out to vote in the election while only 254,402 voted for any of the presidential candidates listed on the ballot — a gap of 42,815 votes, or 14.4%.

Top Democrats Turn New York City Into A Pro-Israel Police State

New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams continue to use policing to stoke the crime panic of their own creation. They’re wrong to do so and they’ve been wrong for a while now. In November 2022, I wrote about Adams and Hochul throwing more cops and more surveillance into the subway to validate the crime panic they both (but more so Adams) helped stoke. Since then, the crime panic has, as expected, persisted. But their actions this month have shown that Adams and Hochul just cannot stop pressing the “more cops” button.

Where Can Democrats Vote Uncommitted After Super Tuesday?

As Super Tuesday returns come in, it appears that almost 20% of Democratic presidential primary voters in Minnesota have cast ballots for ​“uncommitted,” ensuring at least one convention delegate. About 12% of North Carolina voters opted for ​“no preference.” Campaigns in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, North Carolina and other states with March 5 primaries asked voters to cast a protest vote over President Joe Biden’s support of Israel’s war on Gaza. The uncommitted push began with the Listen to Michigan campaign, which urged voters to fill in the uncommitted bubble to ​“strongly reject Biden’s funding war and genocide in Gaza.”

What was the CIO?

After decades of defeat, workers are on the move again. Many of those interested today in a revived labor movement know that unions once exercised real sway over the national economy and politics in the US. And the distant memory of how the labor movement was built holds great symbolic power: as thousands of union organizers have asked in meetings, how did they do it in the 1930s? The United Auto Workers named and conceptualized their recent, triumphant “Stand-Up Strike” in explicit homage to their union’s breakthrough sitdown strikes of 1936–1937.
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