Denver Refuses To Negotiate, Sweeps Indigenous Encampment

By Alex Binder, Unicorn Riot. -

Denver, CO – Under the hardline stance of Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver continues to sweep unhoused encampments—more than 80 this year alone—ignoring countless requests from unhoused residents [...]

Denver’s Housing First Initiative A ‘Remarkable Success’

By Robert Davis, Invisible People. -

Colorado - A five-year evaluation of Denver’s Social Impact Bond (SIB) program by The Urban Institute found the housing first initiative is a “remarkable success” at reducing chronic [...]

Police Not Allowed to Participate in Denver PrideFest

By Blayke Roznowski, The Denver Channel -

Denver — The Center on Colax confirmed Tuesday police will not be allowed to participate in the 2021 Denver PrideFest parade or as exhibitors. The Center, who hosts PrideFest, released the [...]

Activists Who Forced Elijah McClain Investigation Face Retaliation

By National Committee for Justice in Denver, Liberation News. -

People all over the country are learning about the explosive new report just out in Aurora, CO which concluded that the Aurora Police’s entire encounter with Elijah McClain which ended in his [...]

Denver: Anti-Racist Organizers Released After A Week In Jail

By People's Dispatch. -

Three organizers from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) – Lillian House, Eliza Lucero and Joel Northam – who were arrested on trumped up charges in connection with anti-racist protests [...]

Report From Mobilization Against War On Iran In Denver

By Robert Prince, -

Something new is in the air… angry, militant, controlled, politically savvy and anti-war to its very core. Unafraid. I would not be surprised if the tone is any different anywhere else in the [...]

Denver Teachers’ Strike Was A Rejection Of Education ‘Reform’

By Jeff Bryant, -

Former superintendent of Denver Public Schools Michael Bennet pushed privatization measures as well as changes to the ProComp teacher pay program. “I definitely drank the education reform [...]

Union Rushing To End Denver Teachers Strike

By Nancy Hanover, -

Denver teachers were on the picket lines Wednesday for the third day, but the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) and the school district are moving quickly to reach a deal to end the [...]

Denver Teachers Go On Strike In Latest US Educator Walkout

By Colleen Slevin, -

DENVER (AP) — Striking teachers picketed outside of schools and marched through Denver’s streets Monday as car horns blared in support of the latest U.S. walkout amid a swell of educator activism [...]

Teachers In Denver, Oakland And Chicago Move Toward Strikes, Others Protest

By Samantha Winslow and Dan DiMaggio, -

Who will pay for a 5 percent raise, smaller classes, and more nurses, librarians, and counselors for the Chicago public schools? “Rich people,” Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Gates [...]

Hundreds Protest Betsy DeVos Ahead Of ALEC Speech In Denver

By Alexandra Rosenmann, -

By Alexandra Rosenmann for AlterNet - The ALEC meeting comes just a week after the education secretary's talks with men's rights activists. Hundreds of protesters descended on the Colorado [...]

Black Lives Matter Take the Streets in Denver

By Chris Steele, -

By Chris Steele for Popular Resistance. Denver Black Lives Matter protest July 2016. Photo by Chris Steele. Protesters block Lincoln Street in front of Colorado State Capitol. Photo by Chris [...]

Homeless Advocates Fight For The Right To Rest In Denver

By Chris Steele, -

By Chris Steele for Truthout - Homelessness in Denver has grown 600 percent in the last 20 years, while the amount of emergency shelter beds has been stagnant. In October 2015, Denver Homeless [...]

Black Lives Matter Commandeers Denver’s MLK Day Marade

By Laura Bond, -

By Laura Bond for The Colorado Independent - Roughly 2,000 demonstrators took control of Denver’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day march, turning what they say has become a corporate event into [...]

Hundreds March In Support Of Denver’s Homeless Population

By Keagan Harsha, -

By Keagan Harsha for Fox 31 DENVER -- Denver's housing market might be booming, but some say it's happening at the expense of many residents who are being forced out of their homes and onto the [...]

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