WikiLeaks Warns US Justice Department Preparing More Charges Against Assange

By Oscar Grenfell, -

The US Justice Department is preparing even more charges against journalist and publisher Julian Assange, WikiLeaks warned Thursday. The charges, WikiLeaks said, would be based on the testimony [...]

Defending Rights And Dissent On Julian Assange Indictment

By Chip Gibbons, -

Earlier this morning, London police entered the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested Julian Assange. This was in response to a US extradition request. Assange is expected to be extradited and stand [...]

Lawsuit Sheds Light On Justice Department’s Surveillance Of Journalists

By Kevin Gosztola, -

By Kevin Gosztola for Mint Press News - The Justice Department has twenty-seven ongoing leak investigations, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. That is a staggering number, and now, the [...]

Barrett Brown Is Writing A Book Critical Of The Justice Department

By Brian Doherty, -

By Brian Doherty for Reason - Barrett Brown is currently out of prison and on probation after getting an over five year sentence for essentially linking online to hacked documents (and a supposed [...]

Justice Department Announces New Funding Rules In Attempt To Crack Down On Sanctuary Cities

By Emma Niles, -

By Emma Niles for Truth Dig - President Trump and his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, may be embroiled in a tense workplace dispute, but there’s one issue they still see eye to eye on: cracking [...]

Justice Department’s Corporate Crime Watchdog Resigns

By David Sirota, -

By David Sirota for International Business Times - One of the Justice Department’s top corporate crime watchdogs has resigned, declaring that she cannot enforce ethics laws against companies [...]

Justice Department Refers Exxon InvestigationTo FBI

By David Hasemyer, -

By David Hasemyer for Inside Climate News - The U.S. Justice Department has forwarded a request from two congressmen seeking a federal probe of ExxonMobil to the FBI's criminal division. U.S. [...]

Police Killed Over Twice The People Reported By US Gov’t

By Tom McCarthy, -

An average of 545 people killed by local and state law enforcement officers in the US went uncounted in the country’s most authoritative crime statistics every year for almost a decade, according [...]