Trump’s EPA Weakens Justification For Life-Saving Mercury Pollution Rule

By Olivia Rosane, Ecowatch. -

As many Americans fight for their lives in the midst of a respiratory pandemic, the Trump administration Thursday axed the justification for a mercury pollution rule that saves more than 10,000 [...]

New Monsanto Papers Reveal ‘Ghostwriting’ For Members Of US Congress In Attempt To Defund IARC

By Staff, -

The latest batch of documents reveal Monsanto’s efforts to defund IARC by writing letters on behalf of sitting members of Congress to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which oversees [...]

Get Ready For Another Crash

By John Feffer, -

You might remember that phrase from the 1990s. Alan Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve at the time, was describing how the tech boom was creating a bubble by generating enthusiasm way out [...]

Scott Walker Set To Sign Koch Anti-Regulations Bill In Wisconsin

By Steve Horn, -

By Steve Horn for Desmog - A bill with the potential to hobble government agencies' ability to propose regulations, known as the REINS (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny) Act, [...]

Who Benefits From Regulation Rollback?

By Heidi Shierholz and Celine McNicholas, -

By Heidi Shierholz and Celine McNicholas for EPI - Research on the relationship between employment and regulations generally find thatregulations have a modestly positive or neutral effect on [...]

Trump Repeals Regulation Protecting Workers From Wage Theft

By Dave Jamieson, -

By Dave Jamieson for The Huffington Post - WASHINGTON ― Companies that commit wage theft and put their workers in harm’s way just received a favor from the Trump administration. President Donald [...]

Newest Trump Executive Order Pushes His Anti-Regulatory Agenda Further

By Marianne Lavelle, -

By Marianne Lavelle for Inside Climate News - Every federal agency will set up a task force dedicated to quickly finding regulations to eliminate, as mandated by an executive order signed Friday [...]

How To Stop Trump’s Continuous Scam On The Working Class

By Paul Street for Truthdig. Two things are clear going forward. First, progressives hoping to defeat Trump and Trumpism will need to drive a class wedge between the new administration’s big [...]