US Watchdog Finds 900 Immigrants Jammed Into Jail Designed For 125

By Barry Grey, -

Exposures are mounting of the horrendous and illegal conditions under which immigrant workers and children are being held, even as President Donald Trump responds to mounting threats of [...]

Immigrants Across The Country Are Using Hunger Strikes To Protest Inhumane Detention

By Sandy Ovalle and Helen Salita, -

This past fall, thousands of Central American people left behind the familiarity and embrace of their homeland in search of safety and stability. After months of waiting at the U.S.-Mexico border [...]

Protesters ‘Shed Light’ On Florida Detention Center For Migrant Children

By Monique O. Madan, -

Binoculars in hand, Joshua Rubin stood atop a concrete barricade just a few feet away from the Homestead migrant shelter’s property line. It’s the only vantage point that could give the protester [...]

‘We Are Running Concentration Camps’: Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment

By Eoin Higgins, -

Hundreds of migrants are being held by border agents in a fenced in encampment under a bridge in El Paso, leading to anger and accusations that the American government is holding people in [...]

Indefinite Detention For All + Nebraska Aid & Is Your Bank Financing Climate Chaos?

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

What better way to make immigrants feel at home than to bring them into the fold of indefinite detention? Next up, the Rainforest Action Network has graded the world's biggest banks on their [...]

Another Critical Watchdog Report: Rotten Food, Decaying Mattresses At New Jersey ICE Contract Lockup

By Madeline Buiano, -

Prior Inspector General reports have found medical neglect and other violations at other immigrant detention centers A Newark, New Jersey immigrant detention center has been feeding detainees [...]

Lies, Chaos And Abuse At ICE Contractor Lockup

By Robin Urevich, -

On the last day of his life Efrain de la Rosa, a 40-year old Mexican citizen detained as an undocumented immigrant, told a social worker he didn’t need medication for his schizophrenia. He would [...]

UN: US Force-Feeding Immigrants May Breach Torture Agreement

By Garance Burke, -

The United States could be violating the U.N. Convention Against Torture by force-feeding immigrant detainees on a hunger strike inside an El Paso detention facility, the United Nations human [...]

Companies Are Making Money From Child Migrant Camp

By Jerry Iannelli, -

One of the less reported aspects of the United States deportation system is just how profitable it is. Private, for-profit companies and contractors are paid billions to carry out the [...]

The Violence Of Bill Blocks & Shutdowns + Whimsical Resistance At The Border

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Here's what climate refugees need to make it through a disaster. How would you fare? --- Next up, how the government shutdown targets survivors of domestic and sexual violence – plus the age-old [...]

Eight Year Old Boy Dies In Immigrant Detention On Christmas Day

By Nomaan Merchant, -

HOUSTON (AP) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection ordered medical checks on every child in its custody Tuesday after an 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died, marking the second death of an [...]

Tomorrow Is Far Away: An Anarchist Intervention Against The Construction Of The Migrant Prison In Laval

By Montreal Counterinfo, -

Citizenship can only exist and be valued if there is also a category of others, those without status. For this distinction to exist, it must be enforced by the state, which has a number of tools [...]

Don’t Protect Mueller, Microscopic Effects Of Inequality & Combating Detention

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

It might sound like common sense that poverty affects our overall health – but did you know that income inequality catalyzes wear and tear on a micro molecular level? Science has a disturbing new [...]

The Billion Dollar Companies In The Business Of Imprisoning Children

By Emily Ludolf, -

Revelations that the United States is conducting widespread detention of immigrant children who were separated from their families at the border sparked national outrage. Reports of the inhumane [...]

Protests Hit Mass Detention Of Immigrant Children In Texas Tent Camp

Scores of protesters gathered outside the Tornillo border crossing about 35 miles southeast of El Paso, Texas over the weekend to protest the mass incarceration of immigrant children there in a [...]