Philly Neighborhood Achieves Inclusive Development And Control Through Community Land Trust

By Steve Dubb, -

In Philadelphia, the Community Justice Land Trust is helping preserve a community in the face of rising land values and speculation in the city’s Eastern North section, near Temple University, [...]

Stopping Chain Stores From Dominating Communities

By Peter Moskowitz, -

If you’re not looking for it, you might not notice what makes Candice Osborne’s Jersey City neighborhood different. Like so many other newly developed areas of American cities, it is filled with [...]

Strategies To Encourage Locally-Owned, Independent Businesses

By Olivia Lavecchia, -

In many U.S. cities, finding and keeping an affordable location has become a major challenge for independent businesses. Two years ago, we took an in-depth look at the issue in our [...]

China Is Financing Petrochemical Hub In Appalachia

By Steve Horn, -

Over the past year, oil and gas industry plans to build a petrochemical refining and storage hub along the Ohio River have steadily gained traction. Proponents hope this potential hub, which [...]

New Hopkins Hotel Gets Biggest Slice Of Neighborhood Grant Pie

By Mark Reutter, -

With today’s approval of a resolution of support by the mayor and the Board of Estimates, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development will release another $800,000 of BRNI funds [...]

Carillion Catastrophe & Limits Of Privatized Government

By Derek Royden, -

To say that British Prime Minister Theresa May has been having a rough time since rolling the dice on an early election and losing her party’s parliamentary majority in June, is probably a bit of [...]

A Public Bank Could Relieve Seattle’s Housing Crisis

By Paul Alexander, -

Like hundreds of cities in America, Seattle is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. During a one-year period in 2015–16, Seattle rents increased by 9.7 percent — four times the national [...]

She Fought As Black Panther. Will Gentrification Force Her Out?

By Sam Levin, -

In America’s ‘hottest housing market’, one woman’s fight to keep her home has become a rallying cry against the displacement of communities of color. One by one, Frances Moore has watched friends [...]

Taxpayer-Subsidized DC Wharf Creates Low Wage Jobs

By Staff, -

By Staff of DC Fiscal Policy Institute - The District of Columbia’s economic development efforts – including the enormous Wharf project – too often support creation of low-wage jobs with minimal [...]

The Importance Of The Fight For The South–And Why It Can And Must Be Won

By Bob WIng, -

By Bob WIng and Stephen McClure for Organizing Upgrade - The importance of the fight for the South is a matter of considerable controversy. Whatever the rhetoric it's safe to say that most [...]

Houston Plots A Sustainable Path, Leaving This Neighborhood Behind

By Raj Mankad, -

By Raj Mankad for Grist - Juan Parras gives one hell of a tour of Houston’s east side. He’s charming and funny. Wearing a beret, he strikes an old-world look, like he might lead you to a cafe on [...]

Hempcrete Could Change The Way We Build Everything

By Joe Martino, -

By Joe Martino for Collective Evolution - First off, what is Hempcrete? As the name suggests, hempcrete is a building material that incorporates hemp into its mixture. Versatile and hardy, it can [...]

Maryland: African Cemetery Protests Win Government Response

By Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, -

By Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo for Black Agenda Report. Bethesda, Maryland - After months of public pressure and protests, Montgomery County Government has reluctantly suggested to “bring all [...]

New Orleans’ Ninth Ward Fights Freeway Through Historic Black Neighborhood

By Michael Stein, -

By Michael Stein for Truthout - There were about 200 Ninth Ward community members in the Saint Mary of the Angels church that night to see what the Department of Transportation had planned for [...]

Battle For The Amazon: Tapajós Basin Threatened By Massive Development

By Sue Branford and Maurício Torres, -

By Sue Branford and Maurício Torres for Mongabay - The Tapajós River Basin lies at the heart of the Amazon, and also at the heart of an exploding controversy: whether to build more than 40 large [...]

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