Israel Destroyed Record Number Of Palestinian Homes In Jerusalem In 2019

By Yumna Patel, -

Israel has demolished a record number of homes in occupied East Jerusalem in 2019, the most in the past 15 years, Israeli rights group B’Tselem reported on Thursday. More than 140 Palestinian [...]

Gentrification vs. Revitalization: The Fight For Affordable Housing In San Francisco

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

A close up look at the epicenter of the nation's affordable housing crisis: San Francisco. We sit down with local residents and activists to hear about the manifold problems that gave rise to [...]

Hong Kong Shows China Must Abandon Its Property Model

By Martin Choi, -

The southern city of Shenzhen, now a blueprint for China’s urban development, should abandon the Hong Kong property model it borrowed decades ago, warned the country’s “godfather of real estate”. [...]

Protectors Of Mauna Kea Are Fighting Colonialism, Not Science

By Julianne Tveten, -

Thousands of Native Hawaiians and their supporters have been congregating since July 15 at the base of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano and mountain on the island of Hawaii. Known in Hawaiian as [...]

Thousands Jam On Mauna Kea Over Weekend

By Staff, -

(BIVN) – A crowd of thousands gathered at the base of the Mauna Kea Access Road on Sunday, as opposition to the Thirty Meter Telescope swelled over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were day 27 [...]

Prince George’s County Residents Want To Halt Suspected Amazon Warehouse

By Dominique Maria Bonessi, -

When Briana Bostic moved to her developing Prince George’s County neighborhood last year, she was told that a shopping center, grocery store, library, and other amenities were going to be a part [...]

It Took A Crisis To Bring Hawaiians Together

By Trisha Kehaulani Watson, -

What’s happening at Mauna Kea is a form of nation-building, and its value supersedes whatever the Thirty Meter Telescope could accomplish. It was surely an unplanned coincidence that Gov. David [...]

The Fight For Mauna Kea Is A Fight Against Colonial Science

By Keolu Fox and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, -

Kānaka ʻŌiwi, or Native Hawaiians, have long gazed into the sky to develop sophisticated knowledge systems about the stars, and have even welcomed non-Hawaiian communities to join in doing so. In [...]

After 9 Days Of Protests Hawaii Governor Finally Visits Sacred Mauna Kea

By Anita Hofschneider, -

Hawaii Gov. David Ige wants Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim to take the lead on negotiating with opponents of the planned Thirty Meter Telescope who are engaged in a massive protest to prevent its [...]

No Arrests And No Construction Convoy After A Day Of Protests

By Anita Hofschneider, -

Tensions seemed to flare anew late Monday afternoon when protestors were seen blocking three police vehicles from going up the Mauna Kea Access Road. Authorities were still negotiating with the [...]

Poor Neighborhoods Need More Than ‘Investment’

By Amadi Anene, -

Low-income neighborhoods need employee-owned businesses anchored to their communities, not investors looking to make a quick buck. Where some of us see distressed neighborhoods — where families [...]

US Has Regressed To Developing Nation Status, MIT Economist Warns

By Chloe Farand, -

Peter Temin says 80 per cent of the population is burdened with debt and anxious about job security  America is regressing to have the economic and political structure of a developing nation, an [...]

Cries Of ‘Shame!’ Heard At Arlington County, Va. Hearing As Officials Approve $23M In Incentives For Amazon

By Julia Conley, -

"You claim Arlington is a place for all, for immigrants, for equality, [and] clamor for the attention of a company that does the opposite." Anti-Amazon protesters in Arlington County, Virginia [...]

As Big Lincoln Yards Vote Looms, Protesters Call On Ald. James Cappleman To ‘Delay The TIF’

By Jonathan Ballew, -

UPTOWN — On Thursday, the massive Lincoln Yards development will advance to the City Council’s Zoning Committee. And while the project is miles from Ald. James Cappleman’s North Side ward, his [...]

Without Amazon, New York Can Now Do Economic Development Right

By Isaiah J. Poole, -

Now that activists in New York City successfully chased Amazon and its “HQ2” plan out of New York City, there is a new challenge: Can the organizers and elected leaders who successfully blocked [...]

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