No Arrests And No Construction Convoy After A Day Of Protests

By Anita Hofschneider, -

Tensions seemed to flare anew late Monday afternoon when protestors were seen blocking three police vehicles from going up the Mauna Kea Access Road. Authorities were still negotiating with the [...]

Poor Neighborhoods Need More Than ‘Investment’

By Amadi Anene, -

Low-income neighborhoods need employee-owned businesses anchored to their communities, not investors looking to make a quick buck. Where some of us see distressed neighborhoods — where families [...]

US Has Regressed To Developing Nation Status, MIT Economist Warns

By Chloe Farand, -

Peter Temin says 80 per cent of the population is burdened with debt and anxious about job security  America is regressing to have the economic and political structure of a developing nation, an [...]

Cries Of ‘Shame!’ Heard At Arlington County, Va. Hearing As Officials Approve $23M In Incentives For Amazon

By Julia Conley, -

"You claim Arlington is a place for all, for immigrants, for equality, [and] clamor for the attention of a company that does the opposite." Anti-Amazon protesters in Arlington County, Virginia [...]

As Big Lincoln Yards Vote Looms, Protesters Call On Ald. James Cappleman To ‘Delay The TIF’

By Jonathan Ballew, -

UPTOWN — On Thursday, the massive Lincoln Yards development will advance to the City Council’s Zoning Committee. And while the project is miles from Ald. James Cappleman’s North Side ward, his [...]

Without Amazon, New York Can Now Do Economic Development Right

By Isaiah J. Poole, -

Now that activists in New York City successfully chased Amazon and its “HQ2” plan out of New York City, there is a new challenge: Can the organizers and elected leaders who successfully blocked [...]

Feeling Unwelcome, Amazon Ditches Plans For New York Hub

By Jonathan Allen and David Shepardson, -

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Inc abruptly scrapped plans to build a major outpost in New York that could have created 25,000 jobs, blaming opposition from local leaders upset by the nearly $3 [...]

Protests Push Amazon To Explore Alternatives To New York Office

By David Shepardson and Susan Heavey, -

The online retailer has not yet acquired any land for the project, which would make it easy to scrap its plans, the source said. The Washington Post reported the story earlier on Friday. The [...]

Corporate And Banking Interests Profit From Desecration Of Black Maryland Graveyard

By Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, -

In the grand scheme of things it didn’t even register a blip. Four people arrested in an obscure auditorium in a place whose name has a certain regal air to it -- Kensington. But this wasn’t [...]

Germany Allocates $62m To Development Projects In Palestine

By Middle East Monitor, -

Germany allocated €55 million ($62.5 million) to be dispersed to Palestinian development projects in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip in 2019. Klaus Kramer, the head of division [...]

Amazon’s Billion-Dollar Shakedown Of America’s Cities

By Jacob Sugarman, -

If one required reminding of the Democratic Party’s complete capitulation to corporate interests, to say nothing of the country’s as a whole, he or she need only have listened to New York City [...]

TribalUSm: Colonization Unleashed With Ruthless Efficiency In America

By Teorose Fikre, -

Up until that epiphany occurred during my second year in college, I assumed the technological edge, weapons superiority and tactical advances were why country after country in the continent we [...]

Community Land Cooperatives Should Oversee Neighborhood Economic Development

By Brandy Brooks and Joel Rothschild, -

This nonprofit is organizing a real estate investment cooperative for the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, with the exclusive purpose of incubating, funding, and assisting “community [...]

Remembering Grenfell: Who Are Our Cities For?

By Chuck Collins, -

One year ago this week I was in London, speaking at a conference on global inequality at the London School of Economics.  The morning of June 14, I could see smoke rising from the Kensington [...]

Philly Neighborhood Achieves Inclusive Development And Control Through Community Land Trust

By Steve Dubb, -

In Philadelphia, the Community Justice Land Trust is helping preserve a community in the face of rising land values and speculation in the city’s Eastern North section, near Temple University, [...]

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