Dozens Drop To The Floor In Mass ‘Die-In’ At Brighton Shopping Centre

By Isabella Cipirska, -

A group of more than 80 local environmental activists staged a mass ‘die-in’ in a Brighton shopping centre yesterday to underline the threat of human extinction from climate change. Dressed all [...]

Gays Against Guns Activists Begin Campaign With ‘Die-In’ At BlackRock HQ

By Rupert Neate, -

By Rupert Neate for The Guardian - Dozens of gay activists began a campaign of civil disobedience against gun companies and their investors on Monday by holding a “die-in” at the headquarters of [...]

Die-Ins Breathe Life Into Antiracism Uprising

By Pam McCallister, -

Last year, inspired by a massive cyclists’ die-in in Amsterdam in the 1970s, 1,000 cyclists staged a die-in in London to call attention to the need for improved road safety. They were asked “to [...]