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Digital Rights

Ola Bini Sentenced To A Year In Prison; Ecuadorian Court Overturns Acquittal

A court in Ecuador has sentenced Swedish software developer and digital rights activist, Ola Bini, to one year in prison for “Attempted Non-Consensual Access to a Computer System”. The ruling by two out of three judges of the Provincial Court of Pichincha overturned the unanimous verdict issued by the Court of First Instance (trial court) in Quito in January 2023, which had declared Bini innocent. The acquittal had come nearly four years after Bini was arrested in April 2019, the same day as his friend, WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange was seized from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Prosecution Of Ola Bini In Ecuador Threatens Digital Rights Everywhere

Last week, one of the most important digital rights cases took place in Quito, Ecuador. Ola Bini, a software designer who makes tools for activists to protect their privacy, was arrested at the Quito airport in April, 2019 just hours after Julian Assange was taken from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Bini has been detained in Quito for almost three years. His prosecution has been fraught with irregularities. Clearing the FOG speaks with Veridiana Alimonti, a human rights lawyer and the Associate Director for Latin American Policy for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, about the case, its connections to the Julian Assange case and the broader assault on our digital freedom.

New NAFTA Agreement Would Threaten Canadian Digital Rights If Signed. Canada Should Fight Back.

Monday’s announcement that the United States and Mexico had reached a tentative agreement on NAFTA has sent Canadian diplomats scrambling, and has digital rights advocates seriously concerned. Of the many new provisions in the agreement, the Intellectual Property (IP) chapter is drawing attention due to its dangerous new copyright rules. There’s now a threat that Canada will capitulate for fear of being left out of the new U.S.-Mexico deal entirely, and accept aggressive new IP rules that could cost our economy hundreds of millions of dollars and significantly restrict free expression online. The Trump administration is piling on the pressure, issuing a deadline of Friday for Canada to sign on. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says Trump is “fully prepared” to strike a deal without Canada...

Trade in the Digital Era, We Demand Popular Participation

Daniel Cooper Bermudez for Popular Resistance – Digital rights are under threat in the United States and abroad as corporations and governments work together to infringe upon people’s privacy and limit essential civil and political rights such as freedom and equality in access to information. From the FCC’s dismantling of Net Neutrality to the inclusion of digital trade provisions in TPP that industry leaders want in NAFTA, the movement has been ready to fight back and has counter-proposals to guarantee that the internet remains free and open, a center for the global organizing required to foster a world fighting back climate change and human rights violations.
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