The Kurdish Freedom Movement, Rojava And The Left

By Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Middle East Research and Information Project. -

The revolution in the Kurdish region of Syria called Rojava has generated significant enthusiasm among broad segments of the left in Europe and North America. The heroic resistance by Kurdish [...]

Nine More Communities Vote To Amend The U.S. Constitution

By WI United To Amend. -

Madison, WI  – On Tuesday, November 6th, Wisconsin residents in nine communities voted to amend the U.S. Constitution to clarify that only human beings should have inalienable human rights and [...]

Three Voter Initiatives That Have Not Gotten Much Attention

By David Morris, -

By David Morris for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. We believe in direct democracy, where people make the decisions rather than elected representatives. This article describes initiatives [...]

How Communities Are Using Direct Democracy To Shape City Budgets

By Brandon Jordan, -

By Brandon Jordan for Waging Nonviolence - A recent poll conducted by Gallup found that the percentage of Americans who trust the public in handling issues is at an all-time low. Reasons for this [...]

These Online Platforms Make Direct Democracy Possible

By Tom Ladendorf, -

By Tom Ladendorf for In These Times. Under the banners of Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening, thousands of people spent April 11-18 disrupting Washington, D.C., to send a message: Get big [...]

Direct Democracy For The Minimum Wage In 2016

By Staff, -

By Staff for The Fairness Project - While Congress and state legislatures across the country remain paralyzed by partisan disagreement, ballot initiatives hold the promise of improving the lives [...]