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Disruption Of U.S. Senate Hearing Includes A 25-year Veteran Of FERC

By Staff of Fossil Free Rhode Island - Ted Glick, a New Jersey-based activist who was arrested at a similar hearing for Trump’s first two nominees to FERC, stood and repeatedly asked Congress to investigate FERC. The agency’s abuses of law and power have been exhaustively documented by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, which hosted a speak-out at the National Press Club last year. Ted Glick met earlier this year with Richard Glick (no relation), whose expertise is in renewable energy. Ted Glick said: “Based on my meeting with him and what I know about him, he will have no impact at FERC. He will be run over by Trump’s three appointees, and probably [Obama appointee] Cheryl LaFleur, too. FERC is a corrupt agency and it’s a waste of a good man. Indeed, in a recent 2-1 ruling, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found that FERC had not properly analyzed the climate impact of burning the methane that the Southeast Market Pipelines Project would deliver to power plants. Clarke Herbert, a retired school teacher from Alexandria, Virginia, disrupted the meeting and focused on the disruption to the lives of thousands of people due to construction of fracked gas infrastructure.

The Political Significance Of Being Inconvenienced

By Benji Hart for Radical Faggot - Last fall, Black Youth Project 100 along with Fight For 15, Organized Communities Against Deportation, and #Not1More shut down the International Chiefs of Police Conference in Chicago. Coordinated teams of protesters locked themselves into blockades all over the McCormick Place convention center. They strategically took over major streets, building entrances and passageways, in an attempt to make access to the conference as difficult as possible.

In Defense Of Disruption

By Paul Street for Counter Punch - Five days ago, during a corporate cable news “town hall” in Columbus, Ohio, Bernie Sanders had an interesting moment when CNN’s Jack Tapper asked him about Donald Trump’s call for “Bernie [to] keep your people in line.” “The Donald” was referring to the role that younger white, Black, and Latino activists (including some Sanders supporters) played in using peaceful mass protest to force Trump to shut down his racist and nativist presidential campaign’s ill-advised attempt to hold a giant rally on the largely Black and Latino Near West Side of Chicago.

The 15 Rules Of Web Disruption

Over a number of years, we’ve found that the most effective way to fight disruption and disinformation is to link to a post such as this one which rounds up disruption techniques, and then to cite the disinfo technique you think is being used. Specifically, we’ve found the following format to be highly effective in educating people in a non-confrontational manner about what the disrupting person is doing: Nice example of Number 13! Or: Good Number 1! The reason this is effective is that other readers will learn about the specific disruption tactic being used … in context, like seeing wildlife while holding a wildlife guide, so that one learns what it looks like “in the field”. At the same time, you come across as humorous and light-hearted instead of heavy-handed or overly-intense.
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