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Doctors Against Genocide (DAG)

Healthcare Workers Protest AMA’s Silence On Genocide In Gaza

On June 8, about 75 nurses, physicians, other health professionals, and students protested at the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates meeting in Chicago, demanding the AMA recognize the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. Protestors, some in white coats, chanted, “Every day the AMA stands still, another day that children are killed!” Delegates reportedly heard the chants while the meeting was underway. Dr. Gulrana Syed, a physician, told People’s Health Dispatch that the group is urging the “AMA [to] stand up for healthcare workers in Gaza, who are deliberately targeted [by violence]” and to protest “the [AMA’s] lack of care for mass casualties.”

Doctors Against Genocide Is Bringing Medicine Back To The Side Of Humanity

At the People’s Conference for Palestine in Detroit, Peoples Dispatch spoke to two doctors with Doctors Against Genocide (DAG), which organizes those in the medical community in the US to form a powerful voice of opposition to the Israeli genocide in Gaza. Since its founding less than one year ago, DAG has engaged in a variety of organizing work, including marching in mass mobilizations, disrupting powerful healthcare officials, and testifying before the United Nations. The goals of DAG have always been all-encompassing, with a hope that as “our resources and numbers grow we hope to combat genocides and injustices all around the world.”
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