Philadelphia Domestic Workers Win A New Bill Of Rights

By Cynthia Drayton, -

I’ve been a domestic worker my whole life. I work in other people’s homes, mostly as a nanny, but I’ve also been a homecare worker, taking care of people who are elderly and need assistance, and [...]

How Domestic Workers Built America’s First Co-Op Franchise

By Aaron Fernando, -

The United States currently has an infinitesimally small sector of worker-owned cooperative businesses, accounting for only 6,800 workers out of a labor force of over 160 million. Although US [...]

Black Domestic Workers Call For Pay, Professionalism, And Respect

By Negin Owliaei, -

“The thing I hate about the job is the wear and tear on your body,” caregiver Allena Pass says. “It breaks you down: the aches and pains and soreness. The frustration you have when you have [...]

Domestic Workers In Seattle Win Most Comprehensive Bill Of Rights In The US

By Sheila Bapat, -

On July 27, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed into law the city’s domestic workers’ bill of rights. The ordinance, which passed the Seattle City Council unanimously on Monday, establishes [...]

The Creative Resistance Of Domestic Workers

By Rose Mahi, -

By Rose Mahi for Open Democracy. Many conditions play into the exploitation of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Lebanon. Most of the time, MDWs are women, and some of us are illiterate. And at [...]

Domestic Workers Movement Is Growing

By Myrtle Witbooi, -

By Myrtle Witbooi for Open Democracy - So the question is, how did I come from my humble beginnings to where I am now? My life in this field started in 1966, when I became a domestic worker. I [...]

Victory For Domestic Workers In Illinois

By Terrance Heath, -

By Terrance Heath for Campaign for America's Future - The law, which is the result of a five-year campaign by the Illinois Domestic Workers’ Coalition, guarantees nannies, housecleaners, homecare [...]

Women-Led Movements Redefine Power, From California To Nepal

By Rucha Chitnis, -

By Rucha Chitnis for YES! Magazine. In the face of growing corporate power, land grabs, economic injustice, and climate change, women’s movements offer a paradigm shift. They have redefined [...]