Dominican Wall Of Anti-Haitianism Keeps Neocolonial Inequity Alive

By Danny Shaw, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

Like Palestinians in Israel and Latino, Asian and Muslim immigrants in the U.S., Haitians in the Dominican Republic are demeaned, harassed, and victimized in both extraordinary and mundane [...]

The Ongoing US Dominance Of The Dominican Republic

By Narciso Isa Conde,  Noticias sin. -

This is an island with two nations that have suffered from foreign intervention and repeated imperialist invasions, and, in our case, a country that has been absolutley captured by the Pentagon [...]

Protests Continue In Dominican Republic

By Staff, -

From their homes, people took out their pots so that the municipal elections could be carried out with all the guarantees and called for the resignation of the entire board of the electoral body. [...]

US Coup In Venezuela Causing Uprisings In Haiti And Dominican Republic

By Ariel Fornari, -

Ironically, it was Venezuela that helped to develop the island’s energy infrastructure in recent years. A key part of this is the  REFIDOMSA oil refinery in the Dominican Republic which the [...]

Dominican Republic, Haiti & El Salvador Reject US Threats

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez, -

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez for Granma - Rubio directly threatened the governments of the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Haiti, and in an interview with El Nuevo Herald, stating that the vote [...]

US History of Overthrowing Elected Leaders

One dramatic change in the last 50 years is the consistent opposition of the American public to such interventions. This was perhaps best illustrated in the 1980’s when U.S. solidarity movements [...]