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Dominion Energy

Shareholders Demand Dominion Energy Clean Up Its Reporting

Shareholders have submitted a resolution calling on Dominion Energy to fully disclose its lobbying efforts. The resolution will be voted on Wednesday morning at Dominion’s annual meeting.  When Dominion released a statement encouraging shareholders to oppose the resolution, the shareholders responded with a 12 page memo explaining why they should vote yes on Item #4 Dominion’s Report on Lobbying. The memo includes a deep dive into Dominion’s involvement with organizations associated with fraud, corruption and the recent rally before the insurrection attempt on January 6 at the US Capitol Building. From the memo: “Proponents believe Dominion’s trade associations’ activities are jeopardizing our Company’s reputation.

Virginia’s Energy Kingpin Could Finally Face A Reckoning Over Race

Anti-poverty activist Rev. William Barber II denounced the compressor station as environmental racism in 2019, Dominion started running Facebook ads featuring video from a high school essay contest on civil rights that it had sponsored. Farrell’s role should “certainly be questioned” in the wake of the pipeline project, said Barber, a towering figure of the current civil rights movement.  “A company that would attempt to do all this to communities and put its customers through this kind of fight should be challenged in so many ways,” he said. “Racism is not just about symbolism, it’s about substance.” Meanwhile, the company plowed ahead with plans to build the compressor station ― until a federal court intervened in early 2020, overturning the permit because Dominion had failed to resolve questions about how emissions would affect Union Hill.  It had taken Union Hill activists five years to get redress from the courts.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Loses Permit Battle With Historically Black Community

A federal appeals court rejected a needed permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on Tuesday, the latest legal blow to the controversial pipeline as it heads to the Supreme Court through another case. The unanimous decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., was a victory for Union Hill, a community founded by freed slaves after the Civil War. Residents challenged Dominion Energy’s plans to build a gas-powered compressor station for the pipeline in the community, arguing the project would lead to poor health conditions for the largely black community. 

Dominion Will Not Relocate Charles Station Compressor Station.

The AMP Creeks Council is thrilled to share with you that all of our collective hard, grassroots work has paid off in a rare decisive victory against energy giant Dominion Energy Cove Point, LNG (DECP).  Today DECP filed an amended application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) declaring that, "DECP notified the Commission that it would not construct Charles Station at the proposed location, explained that it was evaluating alternatives for the Project....DECP now will not construct Charles Station." 

Virginia Officials Reject Dominion IRP And ACP Construction Halted

Today the Virginia State Corporation Commission issued an order rejecting Dominion Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, which lays out the utility’s plans for meeting energy needs for years to come in Virginia. This is the first time the Virginia SCC has ever outright rejected a plan from the energy company. Also today, Dominion in contending with a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals order to stay a key permit of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has now temporarily shut down construction on the entire project.

Pipeline Bombshell: Even Dominion Energy Says Mountain Valley Pipeline Contractor Is Incompetent

In recent weeks, Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) started tree clearing and ground preparation for its proposed 42-inch, 303-mile fracked natural gas pipeline running from West Virginia through Virginia. Almost immediately, reports emerged that MVP and its contractor, Precision Pipeline, LLC were wreaking havoc on Virginia’s water and land resources.  Photos and video evidence clearly showed that Precision Pipeline, a Wisconsin company, had no idea how to deal with the springtime mountain rains that typify southwest Virginia, leading to landslides, mud on roads and sediment pollution in creeks and streams.  And this massive construction project has only just begun. Activists are screaming “we told you so” because they have been saying for four years that the Mountain Valley Pipeline cannot be safely built in the mountainous regions of southwest Virginia.

Federal Appeals Court Nullifies Key Permit For Atlantic Coast Pipeline

A federal appeals court on Tuesday invalidated a key U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service review of the Dominion Energy-led Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a decision environmental lawyers who argued the case say should halt construction of the contentious natural gas project. Dominion vowed to continue to press forward on the project, asserting Tuesday night that the ruling covers only portions of the proposed route for the 600-mile pipeline. A three-judge panel of the Richmond-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with pipeline opponents, who argued that the federal review known as an incidental take statement — meant to set limits on killing threatened or endangered species during construction and operation — was so vague as to be unenforceable.

At Dominion Shareholder Meeting, Pipeline Opponents Address CEO Directly In What’s Become An Annual Airing Of Grievances

Opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline have organized dozens of meetings, protests and marches in an effort to stop the project since it was announced in 2014. But there’s just one time a year they’re guaranteed an audience with the pipeline’s lead developer, Dominion Energy, as well as its CEO, Thomas F. Farrell II: the company’s annual shareholder meeting, where anyone who owns stock in the company or is representing someone who does is entitled to take to the microphone and unload for a few minutes. And this year, Wednesday was the big day.  “Mr. Farrell, do you feel Dominion’s profits are more important than people’s lives and the planet?” asked Deborah Kushner, a resident of Nelson County who lives near the proposed path of the pipeline — one of about 10 pipeline opponents who traveled to Richmond to address Farrell in person.

Agency Denies Pipeline’s Request For More Time To Cut Trees

A federal commission denied a request Wednesday from developers of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline to continue cutting down trees along the project's route beyond an initial deadline designed to protect birds and bats. Dominion Energy, leading percentage owner of the natural gas pipeline, told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission earlier this month that it appeared workers couldn't complete tree felling in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina on time and asked for an extension. Despite the denial Wednesday, a spokesman for the project said it will remain on track for completion by the end of 2019. Dominion agreed to the tree-felling restrictions as part of the project's environmental review process. The windows vary from state to state but generally prohibit tree cutting from mid-March or early April through mid-September or mid-November. Virginia's restriction began March 15.

Kitchen-Table Nonprofit Rallies Community To Defeat Energy Giant

In what feels like a miraculous victory, the Charles County Board of Appeals voted 4 - 1 to deny the zoning special exception that Dominion needs to build Charles Station -- the fracked gas compressor station it wants to put on New Marshall Hall/Barry's Hill Rd. in Charles County, Maryland, on the Cove Point pipeline. Board members, fully aware that this case will move into the circuit court when Dominion appeals their decision, took great pains to lay out the reasons that they voted as they did, citing legal documents, ordinances, and codes to support their positions. 

Protesters Block Dominion Energy’s Tree-Felling Before Permits

Workers were temporarily blocked from entering the site of a proposed compressor station in Southern Maryland early on Thursday morning. Seven people and a baby pulled a wide streamer of blue fabric across the entrance to a Dominion-owned site, where tree-felling has begun for a proposed compressor station. The project hasn't yet received all the necessary permits, but FERC gave Dominion the go-ahead to clear 13 acres of trees and vegetation.
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