North Korea Says It Will Not Become Libya Or Iraq, Stops Peace Process

By Kim Kye Gwan, Korean Central News Agency -

Prior to the DPRK-U.S. summit, unbridled remarks provoking the other side of dialogue are recklessly made in the U.S. and I am totally disappointed as these constitute extremely unjust [...]

Jerusalem: The Latest Chapter In A Century Of Colonialism

By Karma Nabulsi, the Guardian -

One hundred years ago, on 11 December 1917, the British army occupied Jerusalem. As General Allenby’s troops marched through Bab al-Khalil, launching a century of settler colonialism across [...]

Thousands Of Iranians Protest, Enraged By ‘Insane’ Breach Of Nuclear Deal

By Julia Conley, Common Dreams -

Cities across Iran saw thousands of demonstrators pouring into the streets to express fury over President Donald Trump's violation and abandonment of the 2015 nuclear deal, negotiated by the [...]

Trump Using Amazon to Destroy the Post Office

By David Dayen, The American Prospect -

The Amazon spat is a cover for the formal unveiling of a long-wished right-wing project to destroy the post office and have private industry take over its infrastructure, which taxpayers funded [...]

Mercenary Erik Prince Considered for Building Trump’s Foreign Army for Syria

By Ben Norton, The Real News -

Just when it looked like the war in Syria might finally be coming to an end, the Donald Trump administration has announced new plans to maintain U.S. military influence in the country. The [...]

Big Noise: Apocalyptic Tweets, Limited Strikes

By Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch -

The very limited airstrikes on Syria launched by the US, Britain and France overnight, which came after apocalyptic tweets from President Trump and threats of military retaliation by Russian [...]

Syria – Manipulated Videos Fail To Launch World War III

By Moon of Alabama -

Last night the U.S., UK and France launched a symbolic attack on Syria. It was not intended to hurt the Syrian government, its people or its allies. It did not hit any of Syria's allies. So far [...]

Will the United States Seek Peace in North Korea?

By Staff, Zoom in Korea -

North Korea and China dramatically showed the two nations are close allies before President Trump's planned meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong Un. At the invitation of Chinese President [...]

Trump assailed for phoning Putin, applauded meeting Saudi dictator

By Finian Cunningham, Russia Today -

Donald Trump sparked outrage this week in the US over his congratulatory phone call to Russian leader Vladimir Putin on his re-election. But his obscene indulgence of a Saudi despot in the White [...]

Tillerson Fired As North Korea Talks Approach, Differences Over Iran

By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge -

Back in December we asked "Will CIA Director Mike Pompeo Replace Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State?" The answer, as of moments ago, is yes. Moments ago, the WaPo first reported, and then [...]

Historic Turning Point: U.S. Agrees to Summit with North Korea

By Staff, Zoom In Korea -

The Trump administration made a surprising reveal yesterday about its plans to engage in direct talks with the North Korean government by May of this year. South Korea’s National Security Adviser [...]

12 Young People Blockade Oil Company Cocktail Party

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Sunrise, which describes itself as "a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis," organized a protest at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC when the Independent Petroleum [...]

Mass Mobilization Against Trump Military Parade

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

President Trump ordered the Pentagon to start planning a military parade on Veteran's Day this November. Trump wants to outdo the military parade he attended in France on Bastille Day. Estimates [...]

Trump Administration Must Release Documents On KXL

By Georgina Gustin , Inside Climate News -

A federal judge in Montana has ordered the Trump administration to release documents it relied on to approve construction of the Keystone XLpipeline last year, a development that pipeline [...]

How ‘America First’ Became the Presidency of the Pentagon

By Whitney Webb, Mint Press News -

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump won over many American voters by his promise to put “America First.” Though this catchphrase was thought – at the time — to imply a populist [...]