Dreamers March, Protest In DC To Save DACA

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Washington, DC - A group of Dreamers, recipients of Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status that allow undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as children to remain, marched 250 [...]

DREAMers Arrested, More Protests Planned

Congress has passed a short-term spending bill, delaying the final decision about whether or not to include a clean DREAM Act until December 22nd. In response, we will be taking massive [...]

The Moral Obligation To Provide Sanctuary

By Roxana Tynan, huffingtonpost.com -

Other unions and employers can take additional steps to provide protections. Companies and nonprofits should have a plan in place for how to respond in the case of a workplace raid. They should [...]

Macy’s Day Parade Blocked By Undocumented Youth

By Roberto Juarez, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Roberto Juarez for Cosecha. “Undocumented youth are refusing to put our destiny in the hands of establishment politicians. We are choosing to fight for the dignity of our entire immigrant [...]

Asian-Americans Arrested At Paul Ryan’s Office Pushing For Dream Act

By Kimberly Yam, huffingtonpost.com -

By Kimberly Yam for The Huffington Post - The push for the Dream Act, a longstanding wish of immigration reformers, has grown all the stronger since the Trump administration announced it would [...]

Mass Protest For DREAM Act on Capitol Hill

By Kevin Zeese, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. A large crowd of protesters came to Washington, DC and gathered on Capitol Hill on Thursday taking over the Hart Senate Office Building in a mass protest as [...]