US Drilling Approvals Increase Despite Biden Climate Pledge

By Matthew Brown, Associated Press. -

Billings, Montana — Approvals for companies to drill for oil and gas on U.S. public lands are on pace this year to reach their highest level since George W. Bush was president, underscoring [...]

The Radioactive Underbelly Of The Oilfield

By Justin Nobel, Drilled News. -

In towns and cities across northern Appalachia industrial and manufacturing jobs have emptied out and men and women hungry for work have been drawn by the beckoning call of the oil and gas [...]

Bureau Of Land Mg’t Gives Big Oil Permits To Drill Chaco Canyon, Ignores Courts

By Carmen Gucwa, -

Last month, Indigenous and environmental activists won a crucial court victory against the Bureau of Land Management  after tirelessly waging a years-long fight for the preservation of Chaco [...]

Former Shale Gas CEO Says Fracking Revolution Has Been ‘A Disaster’ For Drillers, Investors

By Sharon Kelly, -

Steve Schlotterbeck, who led drilling company EQT as it expanded to become the nation’s largest producer of natural gas in 2017, arrived at a petrochemical industry conference in Pittsburgh [...]

New Mexico Official Pulls Plug On New Oil, Gas Drilling On State Land Near Chaco

By Robert Nott, -

State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard has put a halt to new oil and gas leasing on some 73,000 acres of state trust land near the Chaco Culture National Historic Park in Northwest New [...]

Water Protectors Protest At Enbridge Drill Site On Mississippi River

By Anonymous Contributor, -

(Ball Bluff, MN) On March 22nd, members of the Ginew Collective supported by Northfield Against Line 3 exposed an Enbridge drilling worksite on the eastern shore of the Mississippi River on the [...]

Judge Says Trump’s Plan To Allow Drilling In Arctic Ocean Is ‘Unlawful And Invalid’

By Olivia Rosane, -

A federal judge in Alaska ruled on Friday that President Donald Trump "exceeded the president's authority" when he signed an executive order to allow offshore oil drilling in around 125 million [...]

Indigenous Organizers Halted Plans For Oil Drilling In The Amazon

By Kimberley Brown, -

Rosa Elvira Chuji Gualingai, 50, came to the city to pressure the government. Watching the traffic outside her office window, she says, “I can’t get used to this lifestyle.” The indigenous [...]

US Judge Halts Hundreds Of Drilling Projects In Groundbreaking Climate Change Ruling

By Cassidy Randall, -

In the first significant check on the Trump administration’s “energy-first” agenda, a US judge has temporarily halted hundreds of drilling projects for failing to take climate change into [...]

New U.S. Oil And Gas Drilling To Unleash 1,000 Coal Plants’ Worth Of Pollution By 2050

By Alexander C. Kaufman, -

The great American fracking boom threatens to undermine efforts to avoid climate catastrophe in this century. Amid mounting calls to phase out fossil fuels in the face of rapidly worsening [...]

Park Service Can Still Say No To TransCanada And Drilling Under Potomac River

By Anne Meador, -

Hagerstown, Md. — To transport gas from the fracking wells in Pennsylvania and Ohio to the Eastern Panhandle, Columbia Gas, a subsidiary of TransCanada, needs to drill under the Potomac at [...]

Fracking/Drilling Protesters Greet Ca Gov Jerry Brown At National Press Club

By Luke on Tue, -

On the 17th of April, California's governor Jerry Brown appeared at the National Press Club. To get in, he had to pass protesters demanding he cut his ties to California's oil and gas industy and [...]

This Is What Democracy Looks Like: The People’s Hearing On Offshore Drilling

By Steve Ahlquist, -

DeChristopher was speaking near the center of the Providence Marriott Downtown’s Grand Ballroom where the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) was holding a “science fair” type event to reach [...]

Dutch Minister Confirms Ban On Drilling, Shale Gas ‘Not An Option’

By Staff, -

The Netherlands will not give out any permits for the exploration for shale gas in the Netherlands, economic affairs minister Erik Wiebes has confirmed to parliament. ‘Shale gas is not an option [...]

Trump Moves To Open 90% Of Our Coastal Waters To Oil Drilling

By Rhea Suh, -

President Trump has launched the most sweeping industrial assault in history on our oceans, marine life, coasts and all they support, proposing to expose nearly all U.S. waters to the risk of [...]

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