Coronavirus, Drugs, And The Future Of Festivals

By Emanuel Sferios, -

As the founder of DanceSafe, I have worked in public health for over twenty years. I’ve seen firsthand how public policy decisions directly affect people’s lives. Take drug prohibition, for [...]

Governor Brown Vetoes Supervised Consumption Bill Despite Evidence It Works

By Staff, -

Late last night California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed Assembly Bill 186 which would have allowed San Francisco to open overdose prevention services that would let drug users use controlled [...]

Fed Vows To Fight Safe Injection Site

By Aubrey Whelan and Aneri Pattani, -

Philadelphia, PA - As a key federal official vowed to move against Philadelphia's plans to open a safe injection site for drug users, several legal experts countered Thursday that the site could [...]

Drug Firms Poured 780M Painkillers Into WV Amid Rise Of Overdoses

By Eric Eyre, -

By Eric Eyre for Charleston Gazette-Mail - The trail of painkillers leads to West Virginia's southern coalfields, to places like Kermit, population 392. There, out-of-state drug companies shipped [...]

Sasha Shulgin Rest In Peace

By Hamilton Morris, Ash Smith, -

I love Alexander Shulgin. I’ve loved him from the first moment I read about him. He is my idol, my hero, my sun, my O2. I love each of the 978 pages of his phenethylamine magnum opus, [...]

Just Say Yes: Amber Lyon on Psychedelics

Amber Lyon, a 3 time Emmy Award winning journalist joins me to discuss her radical life and career shift; one she found through the life altering experience using and researching Ayahuasca and [...]