Big Pharma Losing Money As Patients Switch From Opioids To Cannabis

By Matt Weeks, -

The news that cannabis is effective in treating most types of pain is shaking business and political institutions. Politicians and investors must come to grips with Big Pharma losing money due to [...]

‘Shock And Awe’ Has Failed In Philippines Drug War, Enforcement Chief Says

By Tom Allard and Karen Lema, -

MANILA (Reuters) - Colonel Romeo Caramat oversaw the bloodiest day in the blood-soaked war on drugs in the Philippines – 32 people killed in 24 hours in the province north of Manila where he was [...]

The Honduras Narco-State Began With US Coup

By John Perry, -

Donald Trump said last year that migrant caravans, mainly of Hondurans, were coming to the US from ‘shithole countries’. But now he says that the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, is [...]

The End Of A Cocaine-Fueled Presidency? Juan Orlando Hernandez Faces Regime Change In Honduras

By Adrienne Pine, -

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS — Flanked by ministers and military and police leadership, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez — embattled after being slapped with new drug trafficking allegations in [...]

Teens Less Likely To Use Cannabis When It’s Legal, US Study Finds

Teenagers are less likely to use cannabis in places where the drug has been legalised, a new study suggests. Researchers at Montana State University looked at health surveys of US high school [...]

Secret CIA Document Shows Plan To Test Drugs On Prisoners

By Dror Ladin,  -

Thanks to an ACLU victory in federal court, we know much more about how CIA doctors violated the medical oath to “do no harm.” One of the most important lessons of the CIA’s torture program is [...]

The Pentagon Hits Home, Climate Changing Dinner & How To Address Addiction

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

The Pentagon broadens its horizons to domestic surveillance and “insurrection” - the all seeing eye is focused on the home front. Next, if we wanna survive humanity's demise that our choices [...]

Before Big Pharma Kills Us, Maybe Public Pharma Can Save Us

By Dana Brown, -

Drug-resistant “superbugs” are predicted to kill more people per year than cancer by 2050. Already, more than two million Americans annually are infected with bacteria that have evolved to resist [...]

City To Study Use Of Fentanyl-Detecting Test Strips By Distributing Them In Exchange Vans

By Ethan McLeod, -

In its ongoing fight against a fentanyl-fueled surge in drug overdoses, the Baltimore City Health Department plans to study the efficacy of test strips that detect the potent synthetic substance [...]

Will Mexico’s New Leader Reshape Its Drug Policies?

By Julia Barajas, -

Mexico’s next president will take office at the end of 2018, and among the many big puzzles he must solve is how to deal with the nation’s dangerous and powerful illegal drug trade. He has been [...]

Gun Violence Debate Needs To Include Police Militarization And Drug Prohibition Violence

By Morgan Humphrey, -

On March 14th thousands of students walked out of school to protest gun violence, demanding legislators enact more stringent gun control in the U.S.  Later that night, black Brazilian city [...]

If You Want To Kill Drug Dealers, Start With Big Pharma

By Domenica Ghanem, -

At a recent rally in New Hampshire, Donald Trump called for the death penalty for drug traffickers as part of a plan to combat the opioid epidemic in the United States. At a Pennsylvania rally a [...]

What It’s Like For American Drug Reformer To Go To A Country With A Compassionate System

By Phillip Smith, -

The American activists couldn't wrap their heads around it. Sitting in a dingy office in a nondescript building in central Lisbon, they were being provided a fine-grained explanation of what [...]

Morgan County Had 27 Overdose Deaths From 2011 To 2015

By Russell Mokhiber, -

That’s according to the Appalachian Overdose Death Mapping Tool released yesterday by the Appalachian Regional Commission and NORC at the University of Chicago. Outside of coal country, Berkeley [...]

Norway Takes First Steps From Extreme Drug War To Sensible Policy

By Péter Sárosi, -

This was definitely a result of a bottom-up movement. It has had a few strong voices for quite some time, like Arild Knutsen and Thorvald Stoltenberg. Since the beginning of 2016 The Association [...]

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